"The tyrant and fool": 7 facts about what was actually Steve Jobs

In the US box office released a documentary film "Steve Jobs: The man in the car," in which the author, Alex Gibney, calls for a rethinking of the society formed in the image of Steve Dzhobsa.Zhurnal The Atlantic wrote an article based on the arguments Gibney and chose the site of the most interesting facts her.

1. One of the many obituaries Jobs on YouTube a ten-year high school student says, "Apple CEO came up with iPhone, aypad, iPods. He created for us all ».

We are used to describe Steve Jobs is. Usually, all while it is ignoring that he was a real asshole and says Gibney. Do not just harmless fool and tyrant who prefer a threat.

2. Jobs parked his unregistered "Mercedes» exclusively on the ground for people with disabilities.

3. Jobs dropped the mother of his unborn child and only acknowledged paternity in court. Then, for many years he ignored the existence of the daughter.

4. Jobs did not hesitate to throw his colleagues when they cease to be useful to him. A mineral brought to tears.

5. And on top of all this - demonstrative contempt for charity, market manipulation and terror "Foxconn» («Foxconn" - a Taiwanese company that manufactures accessories for Apple, Amazon, Sony and others. Human rights activists believe that the factories of the company employees work in inhumane conditions, child labor, irregular hours are not paid, and industrial accidents happen almost every day).

6. Here's how to describe Jobs's good people who knew him:

«It was not a good guy» , - argues MIT professor Sherry Turkle. «Steve managed chaos: first he tempts you, then ignore, and then blackens "- complains a former slave Jobs Engineer Bob Belleville.
- "He did not know what a real relationship, so has created a very different form of communication", - says the mother of his daughter Krisanov Brennan. 7. But the most incriminating statements in the film - at the very Jobs. In the hands of Gibney gets the video where he gives testimony of the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2008 in connection with the "scandal of options." She openly irritated Jobs nervously fidgets in his chair, sulk and throw dirty look.

When asked why he decided to ask for a premium in the form of stock options, Jobs replied: "It was not really about the money. Just everyone wants to be recognized by colleagues. And it seemed to me that nothing like this on the part of the Board of Directors, I do not get ». viewer sees the head of one of the most influential companies in the world inflated resentment.

But does it all at least some value? Was not Einstein same child inside? And if put into question and challenge the actions of Edison, the great inventor did not have started sulking?

Answers to these questions we will never know, because their life was not social networks or blogs. They lived in a blissful time, allowing them to be remembered by the world that they have done, not who they really were. Steve Jobs was not so lucky. He lived in our time - when the attitude towards our heroes made up not only of their achievements, but also because of their personality. We live in an age of sophisticated idolatry. And the irony is that this age has come for the most part thanks to Steve Jobs.

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