Steve Jobs collected from small Ayn Rand

Ukrainian gallery Mironova Gallery at the art fair SCOPE Miami presented a new installation of the famous American artist David Datong "Steve Jobs - Ayn Rand" (picture is clickable). Under a layer of more than a thousand optical lens emerges a portrait of Steve Jobs created from the plurality of thumbnail images of Ayn Rand, a world-renowned philosopher and founder of the theory of objectivism. The installation, designed by David Datong in conjunction with US-Chinese artist Alex Gufeng Chao, is a continuation of a series of portraits of key personalities of our time, performed in a unique author's technique. To this also belongs to the series of work "Putin - Mona Lisa", which caused an unprecedented boom in September 2011 at an art fair "Art Moscow". As a result, the work was sold at a private auction for € 200 000. Proceedings of Ayn Rand, glorifying capitalism served as a source of inspiration for Steve Jobs and the key novel writer - "Atlas Shrugged" - was his reference book. Novelist Ayn Rand is extremely popular in the US, but less known in the Slavic countries, although it is a native of St. Petersburg. In his philosophical novels she predicted the era of corporations will come in the end of XX century. The positive characters in the book - the capitalists, the best representatives of humanity, almost demigods. They are erudite, have a strong will and other positive qualities. Steve Jobs, the inventor of the personal computer, the creator of iPod, iPhone and iPad, has repeatedly compared with the heroes of the novels of Ayn Rand, and even called the living embodiment of the ideal of the capitalist, which describes the writer.


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