Steve Jobs accidentally buried

US agency Bloomberg published an obituary on live Apple's CEO Steve Jobs. According to the publication, the article was not intended for publication and was placed randomly in the process of editing. Meanwhile, in the past few months, the health icon of American business is actively discussed - as we know, Apple has cancer.

The article of 17 pages randomly appear on the site Bloomberg, described all the way 53-year-old Steve Jobs, who "helped make the personal computer as simple as a phone, changed the way of creating animated films, be sure to use digital music and re-invented the cell phone ". In this case, the blank spaces in the text intended for insertion causes of death and life expectancy, reports DailyTech.

After 30 seconds, the publication was removed, and the publication of Bloomberg reported that it was "incomplete message regarding the company Apple, accidentally published by Bloomberg News. Article is not intended for publication and has been removed. " According to official representatives of the source, the message was inadvertently published during his next editing.

The file contains not only an obituary about the cult of American businessmen, but also contacts close to it people who could tell us about his life in more detail. Among them were the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak (Steve Wozniak), CEO of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison (Larry Ellison) and Microsoft founder Bill Gates (Bill Gates).

Major news agencies have in their stock in advance written obituaries for celebrities, which allows, in case of death, to publish them with minor changes almost instantly. However, Steve Jobs obituary published accidentally perceived much more serious than a similar message on someone else. In 2003, Jobs had been diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas. In 2004, he was operated on and is still struggling with the disease.

Visitors Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2008, when it was introduced iPhone 3G, noticed that Steve Jobs had lost weight. This again led to a discussion of his health and concerns of investors. After Apple Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer (Peter Oppenheimer) said that Jobs's health is a private matter, the company's shares tumbled 10%. Market sources say that Jobs' departure from the active leadership of the company have fallen off Apple's stock by 25%, and the capitalization will lose at least $ 36 billion.

Edition of Fortune recalls other instances of inadvertent publication of obituaries. In 2003, the Agency CNN mistakenly placed drafts of articles about the death of Fidel Castro (Fidel Castro), Dick Cheney (Dick Cheney), Nelson Mandela (Nelson Mandela), Pope John Paul II (Pope John Paul II) and Ronald Reagan (Ronald Reagan) . The last two have died, but the other, as well as Steve Jobs is still alive, the newspaper notes.


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