30 brilliant passages of my beloved mother


in whatever corner of our vast country you were born, my mother probably the phrase you are painfully familiar. As a child, they forced us to take offense and grumbling. But now that we're all grown up, we realize that it was a manifestation of this care and love.

Website offers a kind and nostalgic smile to remember the brilliant 30 citations of our mothers.

I've already said a thousand times, not rock on the chair. Sandwiches - it is not food. Where is thrown out there and search. < Straighten your back. And I warned you. Sleeping go, tomorrow will not get up. I left school 20 years ago and still remember the table multiplying! The head hurts? This is your computer's all my fault. Here will you your children, then you learn. I was your age anything such was not. Why do you need so much money? Here you grow up, you begin to earn, and then do what you want. And who will take care of this dog? Who will be with her for a walk? You? Yeah, of course. To me of you this is no longer heard! not reaching - go to work. A Sign me up in the "Classmates". Once removed the cap on the street? I saw it all through the window. Why do I have from strangers must learn that you ... Then say thank you. You do not have to learn, but for themselves. You will not learn, will be a janitor work. I do a lot of things I want to. Do not have time to wake up - in Internet! li > Are you in school just talk? I do not care study of other, important to me yours. Will you go - the trash grasp. We somehow grew up without the Internet! In your room, do anything you can find? Do not pick your nose: fingers stuck and will walk. Eggs chicken is not taught! Surrender to back.

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