What is the impact of lullabies on children and adults

The bread and the cradle standing near.
Bread feeds the human body, and cradle the soul.

Be the first to meet the child in this world is called lullaby — the amazing gift of the past. Created in the distant centuries, handed down from generation to generation, it has come down to our time...

It's no wonder the ancients said that the education of man begins with lullabies.

The child not yet born, but already living.

Science has proven that in the womb, the child hears the music, speech, tone of voice

So you can have during pregnancy listening to music.

Of course, the music needs my mom to call positive emotions, because her emotional state greatly affects developing in her womb a child. The music should be calm, beautiful, melodic, call the state "blessed".

If the mother during pregnancy many sings to her unborn baby, after birth it is more likely than other children beginning to respond to mother's voice and also try to emit a melodious sound.

The singing of the expectant mother helps improve her mental state and emotional stability.

Specialists of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences found that mothers who sing lullabies to their children, improves lactation, and subsequently established a closer relationship with children. If the mother is regularly humming a premature infant, it's much quicker to gain strength. Mothers began to sing lullabies to their children even before they are born, starred manifestations of toxicity, facilitated pregnancy.

Listening to lullabies, the baby seems to be awash in affection, the songs inspire a sense of confidence, protection from misery.

While singing the lullaby mom reduced heart rate, blood pressure normalizes. Child singing mom gets more oxygen, his heartbeat harmonized, and the variations in amniotic fluid, gently massage baby's body, helping him to Mature. Also it's an excellent respiratory training for mom and baby.


It happens that the future mothers do not sing to the child, confident in his vocal abilities, I'm afraid to damage the musical ear of the child. Meanwhile, it is the singing of the mother healing for the baby.

The absence of musical abilities is not a reason to deny a child in lullabies.

The most important thing is to remember that the music must be let through. How to do it? Just quietly sing along.

Child it doesn't matter if mom's hearing, she have a beautiful voice. It is important in the first days of his life to see a kind face, hear the smooth of dimension it, love the tone, the diminutive suffixes. The very phonetics of these sounds carries a positive meaning, regardless of what voice they perform.

Lullabies — first lessons in the mother tongue for the child. Songs help children to remember words, their meanings, the word order in the sentence. Reading your child's poetry has the same effect. Unlike normal speech, the poems have the rhythm of the beneficial effects which the growing organism has already been mentioned. Accompany the reading of poems rhythmic tapping of the belly, and if the poems will love the baby, you will notice a return to the rhythmic tapping of your reasonable crumbs.

Lullabies relieve anxiety, agitation, affect the child soothingly. This is facilitated by the smooth melody, a rhythmic combination of words and movement (a slight rocking, but not shaking).

Especially useful for the baby a lullaby.

Long, long ago lullaby songs were born. Lullaby chooses the first. This is a thread from the adult world in the child's world.

When mothers sing lullabies, children fall asleep faster. The child becomes calmer, and he has good dreams. The child quickly forgets the troubles of his tuck affection that affection passed with a lullaby, let the child still cannot hear, but feels the love, affection and tenderness of a mother. Children who sing childhood songs, grow more gentle and kind.

What songs were sung to the child's mother, and if she sang them at all, depends on the nature of the little man, his physical health, the degree of development.

Listening to lullabies baby protects your mind from stress and emotional instability.

So for your baby to sleep at night not only way to calm down and could fall asleep, but an indication that everything is in order: Mama's here now and loves it.

In addition, recent studies have shown that with the help of a melodious lullaby to the child gradually formed a phonetic map of the language, it perceives and remembers better emotionally colored words and phrases, and therefore, the earlier you start to talk.

Over time, the value of the lullaby changing. For one year old baby it becomes an important part of the evening ritual. Her turn comes after bathing and feeding. At this age, a tender song a baby needs even more than a fairy tale. It is easier to perceive melodic history.

The kid still doesn't know the language, do not understand the words, but listening to the lullaby, it calms down, calms down, falls asleep. This is the first time in his life music. It is perceived by the kid with magical powers, because it comes from the mother, the dearest of creatures-the mother.

The rhythm of lullabies are usually correlated with the rhythm of breathing and heartbeat of the mother and the child, plays an important role in their per capita unity. In this internal configuration of the word images songs plumb the depths of the soul of a small creature.

A lullaby through the child develops a need in the art word, and music. Gradually getting used to repetitive intonations, the child begins to distinguish individual words, which helps him to master it, to understand its contents. With a lullaby a child gets the first ideas about the world: animals, birds, objects.

Recent studies have shown that lullabies relieve anxiety, agitation, affect the child soothingly. This is facilitated by the smooth melody, a rhythmic combination of words and movement (a slight rocking, but not shaking!).

Lullaby carries light and heat, is a talisman for the baby.

In the East, about the bad man say: "his mother sang lullabies."

During the execution of a lullaby to her child the mother talks about the present and invents for him a bright future...

Hearing lullabies can help children who for various reasons are deprived of a living parent communication.Here we are talking not so much about musical development, how many about formation of the psychoemotional sphere of the person, development of his spiritual qualities.

You can use audio recordings or sing along with the performer.

In lullabies it is alleged the highest value is occupied by the child seat, because for a full-fledged mental development of the child, it is important to establish that the position of the "I" in this world is the good, his mom is the best and most native. In addition to awareness of their own "I" lullaby song introduces the child to the space of the surrounding world.

"The kid fell asleep!" — how much relief is often heard in such words. For home this is the time when there is an opportunity to engage in some urgent and necessary business, and for the young mother — to relax a bit.

However, every mother knows from experience how sometimes it's not easy to put the baby to sleep. That just is not done! What sophisticated manipulations are not invented by parents to "euthanize" the child.

And the secret is quite simple: your baby is asleep, make him the conditions that you want for yourself — soft lighting, quiet music...

In addition, for centuries there was a generic "sleep aid" for children and adults — this lullaby.

Sukhomlinsky, V. A., "I give my Heart to children"

"No words, what one could only describe maternal feelings expressed in beautiful melodies lullabies. They play, care about the hearts of teenagers.

With the help of music boys and girls come to know the depth, the subtlety, the cordiality of the relations of man to man. Tenderness, gentleness, warmth, sincerity — these are the feelings I tried to awaken the music "is a wonderful touching the depths of the soul" (M. Gorky), reveals the most expensive thing in man is love of people, willingness to create and to assert the beauty.

Feeling heart tenderness, exquisite tenderness awakens in youthful hearts the music that reveals the subtle beauty of nature, love, admiration, astonishment, reverence for woman."

Sing to your children at least three years when they go to sleep, and continue to sing them for another five minutes after falling asleep.

Says the Bulgarian psychotherapist P. Randev, it will help them to be balanced, quiet and benevolent people further. And we ourselves would be nice to hear lullabies, as their action is more effective than medication.



What music to listen to, to change your emotional state? Depressed people do not perceive cheerful music, but listening to elegies, Nocturnes and lullabies, relieved.

Recently, scientists from göttingen University in Germany conducted an experiment: the group of volunteers studied the effect of various drugs and lullaby songs to sleep quality. Melody was much more efficient medicine: after listening to the sleep of subjects was strong and deep. Music is the best therapist. When a person falls asleep under the gentle melody, he sees good dreams.

German doctors who have studied a lullaby from their positions, argue that if before the operation the patient is given to listen to a lullaby, the required dose of anesthesia is reduced by half.

Singing lullabies mother starts a process of calm, relaxation and sleep in children.Subsequently, for an adult to hear a lullaby - so instant on the same mechanisms.

Lullaby songs are incantations, amulets, based on the magical power of words and music, their ability to comfort, to protect, to guard.

Give your loved ones and favorite lullabies.published

Author: Svetlana Panova


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