Why all the people brought babies in pod

Why almost all the Nations raise a baby in hanging swinging cradle? Recent studies show that this is not just a tribute to tradition and an essential element that, along with mother's lullaby, makes a child healthy, and harmonious.

Even before the "roll forward" of technical civilization, Russian, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Chuvash, Bashkirs, Tartars, highlanders, the peoples of Komi, Chukchi, Khanty, Mansi, Nganasans, Dolgans and Ketos and others in the far North, Khakas people and Mongols in Central Asia, as well as the Egyptians, Moroccans, Ethiopians and other peoples in Africa, the Chinese, the Vietnamese, Koreans, Cambodians and others in Southeast Asia, and so on across the ground bringing up a baby in hanging swinging cradle. Means, the stay of the child in grudnichkovye period in hanging swinging cradle carries some that we are unaware of a conformable nature of the child developed over the millennia a culture of volovicheva.

And, paradoxically, but the science of this method of culture is not only learned, but, like so much else that was in the national educational pedagogy, just rejected. But the truth here, just lies on the surface.

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You know: the 9-month period of intrauterine development of the child's biological (genetic) time is much longer than the rest of their lives. It is for these 9 months of the 2-cell is made ready little man. And this whole stage of development takes place in a liquid medium. Environment that supports the development process of the child actually in zero gravity. Now imagine: zero gravity the child suddenly falls on Wednesday, the huge gravitational pressure, including "heavy" (by pressure differences) gravitational rhythms.

That's why for the baby emerged from the womb of the characteristic generalized, spilled on the body tension, muscle stiffness and convulsive movements. And withdraw it only when the attunement of bodily rhythms, including arbitrarily strong-willed with the rhythms of the earth (gravity). But for such attunement requires a long period of time, and man-made assistance.

Suspended cradle just translates the vector of the static gravitational pressure in the vibrational-gravitational wave rhythm. In the process of the swing the baby in a rhythmic mode is a kind of experiencing moments of weightlessness (when the cradle reaches a maximum height, as if the moment "freezes") and highlights the impact of the highest gravitational force (when the cradle passes through the lower to the ground point). Therefore, with suspended rocking cradles, the unidirectional gravity vector press "unfolding" in the adaptation to terrestrial conditions, gravity life-giving wave.

Moreover, it appeared that all human life is a hierarchy vzaimoponimanii, vzaimosoedinenii (ratio) algorithms: from ultra-high genetic rhythms to ultra-low – meaningful random action. Suspended cradle is a specific technology, it is absolutely necessary for effective gradual non-traumatic entry and the child's adaptation to the gravity environment of earth, including the launch of the gravitational rhythms of life.

In the 80 years of the twentieth century under our guidance at the Institute of medical problems of North, SB RAMS performed the following experiment (N. F. Kazachkova). One group of mothers brought babies in pod, the other in a cot. While it was found that infants from the first group slept better, cried less, had better suck the mother's breast. They soon began to relax squeezing the body of the gravitational muscular tension, decrease muscular convulsive. Much less they had pronounced nystagmus eyes. Eventually their eyes will become to fix the objects, i.e., they have quickly become a meaningful glance.

On average 2-3 months before they got goo goo and the first articulate words. Less such children were stiffness and fear. 1.5 – 2 months before the children began to stand on feet and walk the earth. With the development of a deliberate manual actions have to a lesser extent manifested in muscular stiffness (convulsive).

Design of internal gravity-rhythm is a design not only the inner vegetative rhythms, but also the spiritual pillar, the design of their stability to adverse factors of the external environment.

The positive impact of suspended cradles affected almost all subsequent stages of ontogenesis. For example, in the following these children, there was less internal tension. In the end, less leaning over a notebook when writing. In addition, they had perfect handwriting, drawing and even music to the ear! Freer and more meaningful they had it. Less such children was fear. At a higher level in these children was mental resistance to stress.

Therefore, the disappearance of suspended cradles of educational Arsenal led to the deterioration of the development of children's bodily-coordinatory abilities, a variety of arbitrarily-motor functions, including speech and hand. It led to a decrease in functional capabilities of the underlying systems ispoljavanja (cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal tract, separation, etc.)

In broad terms, the consequence was the decrease in corporal functional and spiritual – mental capacities at the level of the whole nation. All this has allowed a new look at the grandeur of the national and educational cultures, including in particular the developing role of the Russian swing.

Seventy million one hundred twenty five thousand one hundred twenty nine



A lullaby is that spiritual power who pulls the baby from the "tenacious" grip of instinctive fear and exalts his feelings in space "sounding" protective motherly love. The word lullaby is the only spoken word which fully combines the spirit of an image and the soul of love.

Our research showed that among those children who mothers did not sing lullabies, fear and aggression (in the drawings) met 4 times more often than those who at least occasionally sang the baby lullabies. And fear is one of the strongest animal instincts, which is linked in inseparable conjunction of all other instincts.

Our work convinced that without constant singing a mother's lullaby songs (preferably in the rhythm of the swing suspension cradle) child will not be able to adequately become man in the soul-spiritual, whole, free from fears and psychocorrection personality.

Today lullaby songs began to be recorded on electronic media, though professional, but not maternal voice. It is clear that such recording is primarily designed for new and expectant mothers, but not for babies. Of course, you can use them in preschool institutions, including for orphans and children in foster care with a variety of specialized institutions, etc.

Baby, air, breast milk, essential song, voiced by the mother's heart.

Again: for the 9 months of intrauterine life, the child is deeply imprinted in the memory of the senses, the only close and native voice — the voice of the mother. And only he and no other voice can give a child a sense of love, security and happiness. That's why lullabies to sing only the mother. I often hear from young mothers: how am I going to sing if I don't know any words or melodies of lullabies? And this is the consequences of the deep alienation of mothers from children during their early childhood.

So since 1979 we strongly recommend to preschools to educate girls separately from boys. Tanks, guns, machine, machines incompatible with dolls and lullabies.

And only in preschool institutions highly recommend that girls with mothers, grandmothers (if possible) with mentors made soft dolls, themselves composed lullabies and sang them regularly.

Experience shows: constant sweet companionship of girls with man-made soft dolls, singing them lullabies – this is an initial step to develop maternal feelings for the so-called psychic stage, i.e. at the stage of Transfiguration and spiritualization of the primary senses.


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Will pay dearly mother, prematurely separate children from their love, from the breast, from lullabies and loving "effusions". And the sooner we will learn to sing lullabies 4-6 year old girls, especially kind, loving motherhood we will get tomorrow.published 

From the book Marketplace, V. F., "the Child human. Psychophysiology of development and regress»


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