How was the cartoon "Well, wait!"

They are familiar to us from the cradle. The first - disheveled man with the guitar behind his back, in kleshenyh pants and untucked shirt, talking slowly, smoking a cigarette and enjoy life unencumbered duties. Asocial subject. The second - a small but cunning, all his life and makes that runs from the first and fouling him on the sly. Wolf and Hare. Best animated duo in the history of "Soyuzmultfilm" .Iznachalno "Well, wait!" Was ordered by the state - officials have decided to give an adequate response to Disney cartoons and identified at the time a solid budget. 25 photos

In the studio "Soyuzmultfilm" invited the young, popular, and fairly well-known humorists of Courland, Hythe, Kamov and the Assumption and was asked to do something funny. Kurland with Haytham invented the story. We decided that it should be a film-pursuit. We choose who for whom chasing, touched different characters: first thought to take the fox and the cock, then - the fox and the hare, and finally settled on the wolf and the hare as the most familiar to our folklore characters. His invention, in their view, was the fact that Wolf - duroshlep not a Disney villain and character, he often falls into a pit, and digged another. Videotryuki helped invent the first Kamov, but then there were only Courland with Hite.


The history of the cartoon began even before the establishment of the first, familiar to anyone release. In 1969, director Gennady Sokolsky was filmed the first series, the main idea which was the basis of the famous series. But his images of Wolf and the Hare censored. It was recommended to radically change the image of the characters elevate them - thought leadership, Wolf and Hare is too evil, and Soviet children need good heroes. In remaking the artist did not go further and refused to work. Later changed graphics, humor, age and appearance of the characters, however, the main idea was the same.

After Sokolsky many directors rejected the seemingly simple-venture, said: "What is this ?! What's the idea here ?! This finely! ". And Vyacheslav Kotenochkin said: "This is something there!".

"Hare I immediately turned, - said V. Vyacheslav Kotyonochkin - with blue eyes, pink cheeks, generally very positive.

But Wolf did not work for a long time. Then on the street, I saw a guy leaning against the wall of the house. He had long black hair, thick lips stuck to the cigarette fell belly, and I realized what this was supposed to Wolf »

Vyacheslav Kotyonochkin wanted Wolf sounded Vysotsky did sample his voice hoarse. Vysotsky came to business with enthusiasm, even wrote a song for the Wolf. But here intervened censorship - the bard was banned.

Approved incomparable Anatoly Papanova.

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As hello Wysocki in the first series of wolf whistles the melody of the song "Vertical" ("If a friend was suddenly ...") - when climbing on a rope to the Hare.

On the role of the Hare without trial took Klara Rumyanova

And already at the show the first series of cartoon tore ovation. Since 1969 every year appears on the screen a new series. The series is firmly joined the epithet "popular". Several times Kotenochkin was ready to say goodbye to the Wolf and the Hare and put an end to the work on the cartoon, but inferior to the numerous requests of the audience.

"Well, wait!" - The story of everyday life, ordinary 70s. That everyday life, which is not documented in official sources and stored only in the memory of the country. Instead of a cartoon about "what is good and what is bad," have turned Kotenochkin socially adapted cartoon-era openly ironic and rebellious.

On the screen - a clear recognizable types. Wolf-peteushniki and now you can meet in the evening in a residential area. (Photos of working moments of creating a cartoon)

Hare of goodie that turned into another animal. The weakness of his - feigned. Small and modest growth complexion force him to be resourceful, but guided by an innate cunning, and he manages to provoke a wolf, and enough to make fun of him.

Once Rusakov, artist, standing in line for vodka, and before him one man said to the other: "The wolf - that's us, hard workers, and the hare - it is intellectual. As we may try to grab him, he always gets out. "

And things are moving in the background of the Soviet way of life. Around - the atmosphere of "cultural activities" citizens. Aesop animals of "Well, wait!" Fun in the amusement park ...

... Go to the circus ...

... And the museum ...

... Boat ride ...

... Attend pop concerts ...

... And do sports

Living the most that neither is an ordinary life. So after ten series Hare moved into a cozy one-bedroom apartment

Wolf mired in his bachelor lair with peeled wallpaper on the walls

And around - cityscape - five-storey Khrushchev.

In short, the cartoon was very "own" and understandable to every inhabitant of the country. His "folk" from the first series needs no proof

I have been looking for a phrase that not only would be consistent with the story, but would give the audience hope for continuation. They discussed different options, "Well, wait!" "Well, wait!" ... But the point in this dispute put Felix Kamov, saying, "Well, wait a minute!»
When one of the writers - Felix Kamov - went to Israel, which was tantamount to treason, the authorities to be safe and "Well, wait!" Covered. After a while Papanova in the Kremlin presents awards. The then chairman of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet Nikolai Podgorny asked him, how are things with, "Well, wait a minute!". "They have a studio conflict. Someone left it abroad ", - said Papanov. "Well, somebody has to stay! - Said Podgorny, and added: - By the way, I love this cartoon, and my children and comrades, too. " Returning to the studio, Papanov told this dialogue, and soon the cartoon again started up.

(Photos of working moments of creating a cartoon)

(Photos of working moments of creating a cartoon)

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In the animated series uses a variety of popular tunes of 1960-1980, many of which were taken from the archives of Soviet radio or from vinyl records sound engineers from the private collection of the series. In "Just You Wait!" Sound of music of Alla Pugacheva, Chico Buarque, Herb Alpert, Rimsky-Korsakov, Digital Emotion, Bill Haley, James Last, Pesnyary, Terran, Edita Piekha, Muslim Magomayev, Paul Mauriat, Frank Purcell, Earl Scruggs, Igor Sklyarov and others.
The music in the intro of each series - a Hungarian melody «Vízisí» («Water-skiing"). Composer - Tamas Deak (Deák Tamás), performed by the Hungarian vocal ensemble "Harmony» (Harmónia) and dance orchestra of the Hungarian Radio (Magyar Rádió Tánczenekara).

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In the 1970s cartoon program on Central Television is usually preceded by a brief animated screen saver (later used as a prologue to "televypuskam"). Under the musical accompaniment to the titles, "Well, wait a minute!" Wolf chasing hare, they gradually joined by other characters of popular cartoons. As a result, the entire company at the Ostankino TV center was provided where the hare, not taking his eyes off the screen, brushed off attempts Wolf grab him: "Hush! Wait for it". Wolf turned around toward the screen and forget about Hare < br />

Creative association "Ekran" shot three televypuska "Well, wait!" (Issue 1 - 1980, Issue 2, and 3 (one film) - 1981). Instead Papanova A. Wolf voiced Ferapontov. Scriptwriter - A. Kurland. The director - Yuri Butyrin. Composers - V. Kuprevich (Issue 1), Alexei Rybnikov and Eugene Krylatov (editions 2 and 3). Vyacheslav Vyacheslav Kotyonochkin in his memoirs and public statements gave an extremely low estimate of these issues, qualifying them as "wretched bad taste»

After the death of Papanova again faced with the problem: whether to close the cartoon?
But it turned out that the sound technician carefully kept all the records of the actor, and they were used in the new series after the death of the actor. Replace voice Papanova someone else did not dare to - out of respect to the memory of the artist

In the new series of drawing characters are not "grandparent" Kotenochkin Sr. (he is dead), and his son, a professional artist. Wolf voiced by Igor Khristenko Papanova - actor "curved mirror" Yevgeny Petrosyan.

Apart from the main characters of the cartoon series was used newsreel "wick»:
The release under the title "Do not touch!" (1977) criticized the quality of the products of a glass factory. In this clip from the mouth of the Wolf sounds rehashed threat: "Well, a glass factory, wait a minute!". It was also filmed release titled "Forbidden reception" (1978), criticizing the publication in the newspaper "Soviet Sport" advertisements on the admission of athletes in secondary specialized educational institutions ("Well, Editorial, wait!"). The director of both issues was Vyacheslav Vyacheslav Kotyonochkin. In the same period were also taken editions devoted to faulty footwear ("Amazing shoes"), musical instruments ("False motive").



Yuri Butyrin took as public service announcements, "window", "crane", "Spring", "elevator", "Bath" (all - 1986) with the same characters, and in 1987 was shot at least nine public service announcements featuring Wolf and the Hare. Alexander Fedulov shot: "I do not know the code ..." "Spite hare", "Restless Night" and "Heat." Vadim Medzhibovsky removed: "Let there be light", "power", "recipe", "Word and Deed" and "Before leaving, extinguish the light." The design of the characters in these commercials differed from the original




There is a cartoon film "Magic Camera", created by the order TSRKO Dawn (Soyuzmultfilm, 1976; directed by Victor Arsent'ev, writer Arkady Haight, art directors Vladimir Krumina, Alexandre Vinokourov), which is dedicated to the promotion of kinolyubitelstva. The witty animated story advertised camera Quartz 1x8-2. In the movie action hero, "Well, wait!" - Rabbit and the Wolf.
In 1994 Vyacheslav Vyacheslav Kotyonochkin was also filmed a commercial chocolates "Jyoti" featuring characters from "Well, wait!". Wolf it sounded Vladimir Ferapontov

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It remains to be mentioned that in late August 2012 after discussions RTR categorization cartoon in accordance with the entering from September 1, by virtue of the 2010 law "On protection of children from information harmful to their health and development" on the Internet rumors about allegedly the decision to take it from behind the scenes of violence or smoking in the category of "18+" and show on television without cuts only after 23:00. In the following discussion, I mentioned the possibility of exclusion from the cartoon categorization because of its cultural value. In early September, some sites reported that it was not showing on the limitation of the cartoon, and the Swedish film with the same Russian name, which was released in 2008 and listed in Category 18 + power



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