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Lady Gaga, whose full album fans are waiting here 2 years, delighted the world with his new creation. The first single from the plate Artpop called «Applause» was officially presented on August 12 for a week ahead of schedule. The reason for such haste steel ... Pirates! Hackers have stolen and leaked to the Internet-space musical material pop diva, so her reaction was immediate.

Meanwhile, on iTunes has opened pre-order the album that the public can appreciate already on November 11th. Today on Youtube clip was presented at a pep song from the "mother of monsters».
In addition to the queen of shocking, coming in the fall, after a long lull their new music records are planning to introduce some more famous and popular personalities to find out who it is:


And here is the long awaited music video for the track, which has already managed to blow up the world charts:

Katy Perry - Prism

Main rival Gaga, Katy Perry, which was released after the 2010 success in every sense of the album «Teenage Dream» also decided to prepare the release of the new album by the autumn. Her «Prism» was headed by single «Roar» - a powerful song about the triumph of his will and fortitude. Now only depends on the audience, some of the new hits of the two pop idols will be successful - Applause Gaga or "Roar" Miss Perry. It should be noted that the premiere of «Prism» will take place on October 22 at 2, 5 weeks before the release of Stefani Germanotta, so the girl once "kiss another girl," has all the chances to overtake his eternal rival.

Justin Timberlake - The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 The

All that makes Justin, he's doing well. Whether it's acting career, dancing or a music album expected. Press and fans a few years slighted Timberlake's questions when he took a break from busy acting schedule and record new material. Pleas were heard in 20 days the husband of Jessica Biel and his mentor Jay-Z, created something new. The release of the first part of the speaker called «The 20/20 Experience» was held in March 2013, and since then, critics from all over the world held their breath, waiting to see what will happen next? Timberlake has made it clear that he is no longer cute boys from 'N Sync, and independent, original artist. Authentic tracks duration of 10 minutes? - Easily. "What have I done Pink Floyd?» - Said JT. The second part of the experiment will be presented by the end of September.

Listen to the first single:

The Pretty Reckless - Going to hell

Cutie Jenny Humphrey, which was close to the actor's role has long been grown and even ceased to shock his frank Gothic imagery. The most important thing in the life of Taylor Momsen - her music. The piggy bank The Pretty Reckless is only one album - Light Me Up, was released in the summer of 2010, but the situation is about to change. In the fall the team is preparing to release a new creation, a record «Going to hell», which according to the front-Mensch, it will be much harder and gothic than the debut. In the meantime, the team only adds interest to his work, adding fuel to the fire, that is periodically publishing new information about the upcoming release.

Avril Lavigne - Avril Lavigne

Canadian punk princess, going through a new stage in his own work, for the fifth studio album, was unable (or unwilling) to find a name better than his own name. The finished creation will be possible to listen in late September, it was then that «Avril Lavigne» will appear in online stores.
About the contents of the records, little is known - 13 tracks, very different in character and energy, will be linked by a common idea and history. But the more intriguing, the more interesting results, is not it?

Today we can slightly lift the veil of secrecy, and to get acquainted with single Rock`n`Roll, which these days is represented by a music video.

Placebo - Loud Like Love

Preberegli premiere of the new album in the fall, and Placebo. After 4 years of silence 7th studio album for the fans - like manna from heaven.

Judging by the teaser of the plate, the band remained true to themselves, and from the new work, which will be released on September 16 is expected befitting quality. And right after the release of Brian Molko and the company will go on tour. Here is a double joy for music lovers.


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