Photo sessions Elena Perminova

This week, the official website of Harper's Bazaar photo shoot appeared key September issue, which has become the heroine of the domestic top model and it-girl Elena Perminov. Several years ago, we knew about it only a few, but now without it costing a rare appearance fashion event, it is the editor of Pop Magazine, and the style of Helena copying hundreds of thousands of fashionistas not only in Russia but also worldwide. Hayter Perminova told that she would not have made a hundredth part of his fame, not whether her husband oligarch Alexander Lebedev, but Perminov such opinions do not care. It is often compared with Natalia Vodianova: its appearance, there is something of a mermaid, her beauty is restrained, balanced, without a hint of "mass consumption". Elena creations are available most expensive fashion houses, but it does not avoid the attention and mainstream collections. Its fresh onions constantly puts Elena in his own instagramme where they instantly gain thousands of likes. But the most successful at Perminova obtained yet staged a photo shoot, the most stylish of which we offer

The same photo shoot for Harper's Bazaar photographer Richard Sturmanu work. Picture Story is called "A Cinderella Story." Actually, the whole idea is clear at a glance - Cinderella Lena successfully married and enjoys a carefree life crowned lady

InStyle photoshoot for the Russian is called "Upper Light." There Elena shows haute couture outfits from the hive Sergeenko, Dior, Channel and Giambattista Valli, and others. The images are accompanied by commentary on the model every outfit; for example, a jacket, decorated with large Swarovski crystals from Maison Martin Margiela Perminov says as an incredibly hard thing

At the time, Perminov was the face of the spring-summer collection of clothes from the hive Sergeenko advertising photo shoot which turned out to be extremely delicate, you might say - zephyr. Moscow fashion photographer Nick Sushkevich great finesse gave orders and the model itself

Photo shoot one image for the campaign jewelry house Alexander Arne. I sense the hand of the master, in fact filmed Elena Thank Filippov, specializing in photo shoots for glossy magazines. Typically, in such a model photo shoots are just the backdrop for luxury diamond sets, but not in the case of Elena

And finally, the most controversial photo shoot for the magazine Patrick Kimmonta Pop, which starred Perminov, being pregnant. From standard-nude photo shoots for future mothers This is different in that its background is the company Valentino. Fotoshota idea - to draw a parallel between the creation of couture dress and intra awaited baby


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