Is it possible to fly the Atlantic in a hot air balloon?

American Jonathan Trappe soared to 375 balloons that were filled with helium, in order to cross the Atlantic ocean. Under good conditions the flight was supposed to take almost a week...

Trapp won a record 14 hours of the flight – before it balloons crossed the English channel in 2010 and the Alps in 2011.
After a couple of hours after takeoff, he landed on the canadian island of Newfoundland and were preparing to spend the night there before heading out to the open ocean, he said on his page on Facebook, and the movements of the Trapp can be traced on the website Dеlorme.
Previously, Trapp flew, using a gondola office chair, after which the envy of fans of the famous cartoon “Up” flew in the house, which is built from aluminum and steel.

But the last goal was the most ambitious. “The Atlantic ocean was crossed many times and most unusual ways, but no one flew it so”.

Approximately 13 hours after the start of the adventurer made a landing in a deserted, wooded area to the South of the village of Lark harbour. It turned out without injury. "It's not like France," he shared observations. He slept in the boat. And on Friday afternoon he was spotted the helicopter, leased by the canadian broadcasting company of si-bi-si.

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