An invaluable benefit of quail eggs

Have noticed that quail eggs have never found Salmonella. This can be explained by the fact that they have a fairly strong Podkolodny shell and all the tiny breathing holes in the shell, they prevent the penetration of pathogenic bacteria.
Due to their high body temperature (close 42оС), quail are resistant to infectious diseases, which makes it possible to grow them without the various vaccinations that minimizes accumulation in the body and eggs of drugs.

Quail eggs, moreover, do not cause allergies in children or adults. And the presence of protein (ovomucoid) can suppress the allergic reaction.
Therefore, on the basis of quail eggs medicinal product (ovomucoid extract), which is used for the treatment of allergies.
The combination of all these factors allows children to try a sweet childhood drink "eggnog". Quail eggs can be easy and sometimes even necessary to eat raw, which stores the nutrients destroyed during cooking.

Quail eggs to eat in the treatment of gastritis and gastric ulcer, pancreatitis.

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