Tour of the Titanic (10 photos)

Tour to The Titanic sunk.

1) Search Argo machine starts its two-hour descent to the hull of "Titanic" in the North Atlantic Ocean.

2) Two piston engine with a height of four stories (one of which is shown in the photo) is driven by the screws of the Titanic.

3) Light submersibles Mir 2 lights left bower on the tank sunken Titanic.

4) In the early morning hours of September 1, 1985 oceanographer Robert Ballard and photographer Emory Kristof found and photographed the remains of the Titanic. Kristof and his team used an underwater search unit and towed sled with a camera in order to make more than 20 thousand personnel, among whom was the picture in which you can see right screw sunken ocean liner

5) the surviving window glass window cabins Captain Edward J. Smith's "Titanic", which lies at a depth of two and a half miles (four kilometers) in the North Atlantic Ocean.

6) bathyscaphe Mir-1 covers the railings on the Titanic.

7) Ceramic cup and debris from the "Titanic" lie at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Newfoundland.

8) Detail of the hull on the ocean floor.

9) The hole in the right side of the hull - the cause of which is likely to become a clash of "Titanic" with an iceberg April 14, 1912. From this blow the ship split in two and sank, killing 1, 5 thousand people


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