Icebreaker "Lenin"

The story about the icebreaker will consist of two parts (do not worry, all in one post).
In the first part - a general overview, dining room crew, engine room, the post of energy management, reactor compartment and ship clinic.
The second part will include the wheelhouse, radio room, mess room and the captain's cabin.

Writes Periscope from the depths of the Pacific Ocean periskop:

I paid special attention to the aesthetics of the interiors, appliances, compartments and marks the era, and I want to emphasize my main impression: the ship - not simply a rational technical device, but also a very stylish object.
It was for me, even a little unexpected, but it is.
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Thus, Part I.

Nuclear-powered icebreaker "Lenin».
(Fragment dashboard fast energy management.)

1. Sam icebreaker is now moored to the pier at the sea port and the status is ambiguous: the current (not written off) ship, but at the same time the ship-museum, with a part of the premises where lead tours.

2. Detail of the bow.

3. From the icebreaking work on wiring caravan along the Northern Sea Route "Lenin" launched in 1989, even during the Soviet Union. Thus, it is almost continuously for 30 years, with a short break in 1967. The total number of vessels held for all navigation - more than 3,700.

The decision to build this unique vessel with a fundamentally different power plant was made in 1953; at the same time - and given terms of reference (CDB-15). Bookmark nuclear icebreaker was held in Leningrad in 1956, the factory im.A.Marti now - Admiralty Shipyards. If I understand correctly, there it was filled and nuclear fuel - in contrast to the more perfect the next generation of nuclear-powered ships, such as "Arctic", refueling has been in production Murmansk, a special infrastructure base "Atomflot". Thus, the construction went quickly and only lasted three years. It launched - at the end of 1957.
Suppliers: Marine turbines - Kirov Plant, the main turbine generators - Kharkov Electromechanical Plant, propulsion motors - Leningrad "Electric power».

* * *
Americans also designed his boat for peaceful purposes to nuclear power plant. However, they went completely the other way. "Savannah" was not outwardly similar to a commercial freighter, indeed it is, and the elegant yacht. Although the cabins with air conditioning and individual bathrooms, a restaurant with 100 seats, interior and other "beautiful", the ship and could not compete with traditional boat. Smooth lines prevented the loading and unloading in port, the crew of the presence of the reactor increased by a third, and it was a load capacity of 8 thousand 500 tons. In addition, for the entry of such a vessel in foreign ports required approvals and permits, and repairs had to be made only at the specialized shipyard.

The commercial exploitation of "Savannah", which began in 1962, ended ignominiously after 10 years. The vessel is decommissioned and is now about it, few people remember. Thus, the "Lenin" won also the economic competition. As one would say now - I have filled a market niche. This is really unusual for Soviet technology, the icebreaker was very comfortable. He was called "a miracle of industrial design." And indeed, accustomed to the austere conditions of work and rest of the Soviet seamen before the luxury did not know. Cabins on one or two people, fully decorated with Karelian birch and Caucasian walnut interior, a sauna, a music room with a grand piano, a library, a room for watching movies, smoking room - it was very unusual.

In such circumstances, not be ashamed to accept and distinguished guests. On board the nuclear submarine operating in the Arctic visited Yuri Gagarin, Cuban leader Fidel Castro, played on the piano by Alexander Pakhmutova before the sailors were artists and writers, the icebreaker visited by numerous foreign delegations. It was very Soviet-style: attraction was the icebreaker, workaholic, hashing two-meter ice.

4. Nuclear marine propulsion is the world's first surface vessel with nuclear power plant. Out in the maiden voyage December 3, 1959, and this day is considered a holiday of all "Atomflot", operating on the Northern Sea Route.

"Lenin" on the Neva River, before going out on sea trials. Leningrad, Summer 1959 (photo from the magazine avp23649)

5. The first tour on the icebreaker is going to 12.00. Come watch all sorts of people: the local dads with children, tourists, sailors, students, seconded etc. I just came to the first, that people were less - because if you typed more than 20 people at a time, then watch (let alone shoot) becomes quite uncomfortable. And collect - up to forty people. By the way, the next group and the truth was one and a half times larger than ours.

6. Come to the icebreaker and chartered vans of the hotels. In my eyes came two such parties. Here is an old German on crutches - he dragged the ladder two colleagues, but he honestly hobbled where he could carefully considered Soup and listened with delight tour (translatable their interpreter, bring along). Maybe it's a former sailor, who knows.

7. Well, now it's time to get on board the ladder. Forward!

8. At first, we find ourselves in a spacious hall, waiting room, elegantly decorated in the same style wood paneling.

9. Stamping - fashionable in an era style.

10. Stylishly made ladder-a ladder leading to the wheelhouse and captain's cabin.

11. Access to a long corridor along the right side.

12. Making corridor that hosts the cabin crew.

13. The tour begins with a general briefing: where to go, where not, what can be done and what can not. It is held in the dining room crew, located directly under the cabin. Mode on the ship is quite strict.

14. The style is very recognizable - it only begins to become fashionable minimalism sixties. No ryushechek Empire style.

15. The tour is conducted in a limited number of rooms. Since the icebreaker is quite broad and capacious, the large number of premises, and tourists can see almost 1/20 of all premises. The places we visited, I noticed the red dots on the diagram of the icebreaker. As you can see, very small to reach the route.

16. We descended below. On tier deck leading to the engine room.



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