Inscriptions from the trees in the USSR (24 photos)

In the Soviet Union knew that when something appears Google Earth and even then leave the message!

1. Lenin 100 years - this is probably the most famous inscription composed of specially planted trees. It is situated in the Kurgan region, near the village of Zverinogolovskoe, on an island between the river Tobol and oxbow of the river. Giant letters "made" of planted trees in 1970. Planting carried the villagers Work and Knowledge and forestry workers Zverinogolovsky District Kurgan region under the leadership of chief forester Alexander G. Kanschikova. To create labels took about 40 thousand. Seedlings, height of letters - 80 meters, the length of the entire legend of about 600 meters. Area - about 3, 8 hectares. I was Inters what other inscriptions can be seen from space. Theoretically, there should be a lot.

2. Similarly to the first inscription, but smaller, landed near the village of Arkhangelsk in Bashkiria. Coordinates: 54.419625, 56.782256

3. And this is how it looks the same from the Earth.

4. Verhneuralsk

5. To the east of Novokuznetsk


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