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1. The consequences of the war are just heartbreaking. A man who recently returned from the war in Iraq to his beloved, the soul remains the same, but his face was disfigured. The girl who was waiting for the guy agreed to marry him despite everything, because love is stronger than anything in the world. 20-year-old Renee Klein and 24-year-old T. Siegel met before the wedding for about 5 years and their love was so unshakable that even the mutilated body of the young guy did not bother courting a young girl. Later T. Siegel said that if the proposal of marriage she said no, that he would understand her, but she said Yes and it was just incredible, both for him and for the whole world, which closely followed the story of two lovers. I don't know if they're together still because they have heard that Rene wanted to break up with Siegel in less than a year after the wedding. If so, in any case, you can understand. A man sorry, sorry...

Photos before T. Siegel suffered in the war:

2. The world's first photograph taken by Frenchman Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1826 using a camera obscura, is called "window View". For the first picture in the world this photo is pretty good, but how came the progress... Now that photo is almost impossible to do even with the cheapest camera on the cell phone.

3. Criminals in the UK never give up just like that. Here is such a curve a few years ago organized the hijackers and the police in an ordinary box. For some who did not know this fact, these unexplained footprints were the consequences of the presence of alien beings.

4. Collapse pipe, which reaches a height of 210 meters, occurred at the power plant in Sichuan province, China. To protect the environment, provincial authorities decided to liquidate the plant and move it to another location. Such photos are always remembered because they made a second before something significant.

5. And again photos from China. Chinese acrobat, Simiti, Ishani is on a thin rope, stretched at a height of 30 metres to set a new world record. The man succeeded, because in just 3 minutes and 38 seconds he covered a distance of 15 meters. As you can see, the man has insurance, but it's still an extremely dangerous idea, although the acrobats are not used to.

6. Such touching pictures, full of maternal care, a rare sight, especially in the animal world. In the zoo of Samut Prakan in Bangkok this touching picture, you can see almost every day, because there live a young mother-a chimpanzee named to To and her son is a tiger cub Aorn. It's amazing, but the chimps really became a wonderful foster mother for the cub, because she is happy to take care of Orne like a real mommy.

7. These freshwater are threatened with extinction, so those rare moments when the light appears the new Philippine crocodiles is real happiness for employees crocodile farm in Manila, Philippines. These crocodiles called mindorensis crocodiles in honor of the island of Mindoro.

8. The last lifetime portrait of one of the most famous people of the XX century preacher Gandhi. This man did not like to be photographed and the greater part of his life spent at the spinning wheel, but in 1946 the employee of the newspaper Life of Margaret Bourke-white managed to capture Mahatma Gandhi for his favorite work. In order to photograph Gandhi, Margaret had to work hard, because he was the so-called "day of silence" (he never said), he asked her to learn how to use a spinning wheel and finally was allowed to make only three shots, two of which were blurred. This photo created an image of Gandhi for millions of people. A few years later he was killed by three bullets, but before he died, he forgave his killer, showing the appropriate gesture in his direction.

9. This photograph taken by Edward Weston, considered a true classic in the genre of "beauty", because it shows the perfect silhouette of a girl. It's kind of Venus for the ancient people and Queen Cleopatra to the ancient Egyptians, although in reality it's just a girl named Margaret was Hamel. Many photographers consider this the reference.

10. The eternally happy face of Barack Obama was incredibly blessed on the day of his inauguration on January 20, 2009, when one of the photographers made this symbolic picture. Obama is the 44 President of the United States of America and you can see that he was this unspeakably happy.

11. November 1960. John Kennedy with his wife Jacqueline are celebrating the victory in the elections. Since that day, John is considered to be the 35th President of the United States.

12. The second world war, 1943. The UPA (Ukrainian insurgent army) was created out of innocent Polish children called "crowns" and added to that the banners reading "the Road to independent Ukraine". The purpose of the "Ukrainian executioners" was the ethnic cleansing of the Polish population. To liberate Ukraine from the poles and wanted the organization of Ukrainian nationalists, who also acted sharply and harshly, killing civilians. Strange, but in 2010, just before his departure from the post of President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko awarded the title Hero of Ukraine leader of the Ukrainian nationalists Stepan Bandera. It is clear that war, but young children guilty of nothing...

13. One of the captured photos that were taken from prisoners and dead soldiers of the Wehrmacht. In a photograph taken in 1944, shows the Soviet prisoner of war who returned from the camp infirmary. In this terrible time even the brave and courageous men, at times, found themselves in a hopeless situation.

14. May 1945, Germany. After the war, Soviet soldiers often seen such a picture. The photo shows human remains in the crematorium ovens of the concentration camp Struthof.

15. May 9, 1945, Moscow. Fireworks in honor of the victory over Nazi Germany. A few horribly bloody years, the sea carried away human lives, but the victory was for us.

16. "Legacy Of Chernobyl". The accident that occurred on 26 April 1986 at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, not only claimed many lives but also the lives of the people and their children. The children appearing in people exposed to radiation, are practically doomed.

17. This is one of the most famous works of the photographer Diane Arbus, which glorified it for the whole world. Skinny boy with a toy grenade in his hand had to just stand and pose, but Diana so long to chose a good shooting angle that the son of tennis player Sidney wood, Colin wood, broke down and cried "take it Off!". In the end, the boy's face changed slightly, and Diana as a real talented photographer caught this moment. Ridiculous, but such an emotional picture was sold in 2005 for a decent amount of money – 408 000$.

18. Sudan, 1993. A victim of starvation in nourishing the heart, can not stand on his feet, not only...

19. 2008, Germany. Inhabitants of a house throw a little 9-month-old boy from the fourth floor of the house where the fire started. Below are the rescuers who are ready to catch the baby. People were lured into the trap, because the fire started on the ground floor, and other ways of salvation have not.

20. The war in Afghanistan that began on 7 October 2001 and continues to this day, this event, which is impossible to forget, because all new and new conflicts take the lives and make people with disabilities for many years. Here are just a small part of what can be seen there:

21. Sergeant Jose Pequeno is one of those fortunate enough to remain alive after the grenade's explosion, having received such a serious injury. From Pequeno there is almost half a head, but he's alive. Mother hugging him in the picture, it's the most important thing.

22. Terry and Thompson decide who will start dinner. And for dinner today hamster Jim, who certainly did not think that it would be a delicious snack. Naturally, the photos staged, and no one to eat not going, because all three are favorite Pets photographer Mark Andrew. The picture is so vivid and immediate due to the fact that beyond the camera, the trio get along well together. At least the photographer says so.

And ends with the post, like last time, post-mortem photos of famous people. Sensitive asking the publication to the end not to read.

Sergei Yesenin

The greatest poet, which I hope will be remembered always, died on 28 Dec 1925 in hotel "Angleterre" (Leningrad, now St. Petersburg). 30-year-old poet was found hanging from a pipe of steam heating, so on his forehead he had a terrible dent, but the expression on his face more distorted. According to the official version, Sergey Yesenin committed suicide while in a state of prolonged depression, which was accompanied by binge drinking. But the reality is that no one knows since there is the version of the murder of a poet with a staged suicide. It could kill any kind of ground, because he was handsome, talented and always told the plain truth. In the same room, where they found Sergei Yesenin was found his last poem, written in the blood (the day he complained about the lack of ink). Farewell poem of the great poet is:

Goodbye my friend, goodbye.
My dear, you have me in the chest.
Designed parting
Promises a meeting ahead.
Goodbye, my friend, without hand, without word
Do not be sad and do not the sorrow of the eyebrows, —
In this life to die is not new,
But to live, of course, not newer.

John Kennedy

The 35th US President was assassinated November 22, 1963 in Dallas a kind of Lee Harvey Oswald. It happened during the route of the presidential motorcade through the streets of the city. John Kennedy, who was in the car with his wife Jacqueline, was killed by several bullets in the head and neck, then most of the head was damaged and was amputated (so to speak). Of course, the shooting of John Kennedy has become for all Americans a real shock, for his wife sitting there, and even tragedy for many years. He was 46 years old.

In just a few seconds to death:

After death:

Mother Teresa

She helped the poor and sick, but she suffered from many diseases. Mother Teresa, beatified, had serious heart problems, she had been ill with malaria and suffered failure of the left ventricle, but she never complained about her problems, and tried all means to help others. She had a presentiment of his death, and already on 13 March 1997 resigned from the duties of the head of the order of mercy. Mother Teresa died a few months after that, on 5 September 1997. Most of the priests were confident that the problems with women's health is the leprosy of the Devil, and therefore they strongly insisted on the rite of exile. Mother Teresa would not agree with this, because God gave her long life. Although the conviction of the Archbishop of Calcutta Henry D'souza rite of exorcism still was the place to be. She left this world quietly and peacefully.

Vladimir Vysotsky

Soviet poet, bard and actor, died 25 July 1980 during sleep in his Moscow apartment. There are two versions of death, that was not confirmed as relatives have insisted that an autopsy was not performed. In the first version of Vladimir Vysotsky died of asphyxia, which was the result of receiving an anesthetic, and in the second version Vysotsky had a heart attack. Until the end of his days the Beatles were cheerful: starred in broadcasts and gave concerts. But at 4:10 am on 25 July 1980, his heart stopped.

An excerpt from a song of Vladimir Vysotsky "My pohorona":

Here at the back of my mortal slink,
And the whole business-that I had something to Wake up.
What to say, afraid of what? And dreams are drawn
To the point that I Wake up, and they will remain.

What if they already are, and sting in readiness,
And strive to drink that drink blood.
Better I'll sleep method is not the only
But in a dream I endured, I was in a dream warrior.

Princess Diana

Lady Di, who ranked 3rd in 100 greatest Britons according to the BBC, died 31 August 1997. She died in a car accident, which according to the results of the investigation, was triggered by alcoholic intoxication of the driver (he died too) and negligence Princess Diana and Egyptian billionaire son Dodi al-Fayed (he died on the spot), because they are not fastened seat belts. A few hours after the accident, Diana was alive, she was taken to the hospital, but to get out it still failed. The only survivor was the bodyguard of lady Diana, but he didn't remember what happened from nothing.

Anna Nicole Smith

The real name of this model, which became the sex symbol of the 90s for all Americans, Vickie Lynn Hogan. She began her career at the age of 20, but after about the same time died. It happened on 8 February 2007 in the Bahamas. 39-year-old Anna Nicole, who all his life was devoted to creating a perfect image of a luxury and vicious blonde was trying to save the doctors come on call her husband, but it was to no avail. She died from an overdose of painkillers and antidepressants, podravshiesya advanced form of pneumonia. At the time she was 40, but she managed three times to be married and have two children (a son died also in the Bahamas, and his daughter was born there). After death the body of Anna Nicole long was at the morgue because her mother and husband were deciding where to bury a daughter and wife, respectively. The decision was made less than 30 days and Anna Nicole died on March 2, 2007 with her son Daniel in the Bahamas. The woman was buried in a closed coffin, as her body already beginning to decompose.

Vladimir Mayakovsky

Soviet poet, playwright, screenwriter, film Director, actor and a true revolutionary Vladimir Mayakovsky committed suicide on 14 April 1930. Many people still think it was murder, but based on my examination, Mayakovsky decided to kill himself and shot himself. Witnesses of this event was not, but as told by his good friends, right that day, employees of the OGPU decided to withdraw Mayakovsky's brain and send it to the brain Institute to establish the biological nature of his genius. They did, so it makes sense to think about the murder of a genius. He was 36 years old.

Vladimir Lenin

The body of this person, opinions which are different, you can see, having arrived to Moscow, because for more than 80 years, it is in the Mausoleum. Vladimir Ulyanov (alias Lenin) was a Soviet politician and public figure on the world stage, so he was known all over the world. He was loved and hated, but indifferent. He was a cult figure. At the time of the death of Vladimir Lenin was 53 years old, he died on January 21, 1924 at 18:50 Moscow time. His death was not murder, because in recent years his health condition has sharply deteriorated. The causes of death were the strengthening of circulatory disorders in the brain and hemorrhaging in the soft cerebral membrane in the region of the corpora quadrigemina. He's dead, but his embalmed body remained. Currently, rumor that Lenin is alive, because American scientists have confirmed the fact that the video, which Vladimir Ilyich slightly raised from "the tomb", not a fake, but a real world sensation! As wrote Vladimir Mayakovsky, "Lenin – lived, Lenin – lives, Lenin – shall live")))

A year before his death:

The body of Vladimir Lenin in the Mausoleum:

And here is the video:


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