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1. The consequences of the war are just heartbreaking. A man who recently returned from the war in Iraq to his beloved, the soul remains the same, but his face was disfigured. The girl who was waiting for the guy agreed to marry him despite everything, because love is stronger than anything in the world. 20-year-old Renee Klein and 24-year-old T. Siegel met before the wedding for about 5 years and their love was so unshakable that even the mutilated body of the young guy did not bother courting a young girl. Later T. Siegel said that if the proposal of marriage she said no, that he would understand her, but she said Yes and it was just incredible, both for him and for the whole world, which closely followed the story of two lovers. I don't know if they're together still because they have heard that Rene wanted to break up with Siegel in less than a year after the wedding. If so, in any case, you can understand. A man sorry, sorry...

Photos before T. Siegel suffered in the war:


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