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12 educational films and series for BBC and Discoveryto Learn how to create the world's first geographical Atlas, how many books stored at the British library, as the monarchs managed to save classical music and who wanted to destroy her, and about how ancient Rome and Greece influenced the formation of the cultural life of humankind,perhaps because of the projects the BBC, Discovery and other foreign TV channels.

In this set —12 of popular science films and TV series dedicated to the history, art, cinema, typography, cultural geography, and music.

How art made the worldHow Art Made the World 5 episodes Film devoted to the ancient civilizations and their political, cultural, social, art and scientific achievements. And how we know our world — to their credit. And with this series the film the viewer gets an opportunity to see what the world was like thousands of years ago.

Special effects lab/Science of the Movies, a 13 episodes Documentary Discovery will take the audience behind the scenes of the studios. The presenter will introduce you to a famous Director, a successful screenwriter and masters of special effects. You will see how to create three-dimensional images of the operators, gaffers, prop masters, in General, all the magic that happens behind the scenes.

The art of Scandinavia/The Art of Scandinavia 1 series Presenter Andrew Graham-Dixon tells all he knows about the prominent cultural figures of Scandinavian writers, actors, artists. Through the painting by Edvard Munch "Creek" leading attempts to analyze the peculiarities of the souls of the Scandinavians. We also recommend you to view other projects of Graham-Dixon: "the Art of Spain"/The Art of Spain, "Art of Germany"/The Art of Germany, "Chinese Art"/The Art of China, "Art in America"/The Art of America.

Museum mysteries/Mysteries at the Museum, 9 seasons That we can tell Museum exhibits? They are able to tell many interesting stories about their creators, researchers and the owners. Viewers have a unique opportunity to go on an interesting journey into the world of art, museums and art galleries, as well as familiar with world history of art.

The beauty of books/The Beauty of Books, 4 series At the British library in London kept 14 million books, while the total length of all shelves on which they are located, is more than 600 km Annually replenish the collection of 300 thousand new publications, from modern novels to ancient manuscripts. All of these volumes is stored not only ideas and knowledge but also point to a long-standing love of a man book. The film tells about this unique meeting.

Bright lights, brilliant minds/Bright Lights Brilliant Minds. A Tale of Three Cities, 3 series, Viewers will travel to three cities: Vienna, Paris, new York, and in three different historical epochs. The presenter, Dr James Fox tells the history of the town, which for millennia has changed, thanks to the outstanding personalities, such as Salvador Dali, Ernest Hemingway, Jackson Shelves, Gustav Klimt that determined their fate.

Treasures of Ancient Egypt/Treasures of Ancient Egypt, 3 series Excavations in Egypt have always interested researchers, particularly the Valley of the Kings, which is famous for stunning architectural structures – the pyramids and the Sphinx. Here archaeologists have found incredible wealth, historical value and, of course, studied the hieroglyphs. Senior project Alastair Sooke tells the audience about the rise and fall of the great Egyptian civilization.

Seven wonders of Ancient Rome/Seven Wonders Of Ancient Rome, 1 series Ancient Rome was the center of political life of the Roman Empire, and a legislator in the fields of art, fashion, architecture. It is an architectural masterpiece and a wonder of engineering devoted to this film. You will learn about the city and everything like has been arranged the water supply system, where was located the first world trade center who built the Colosseum and more.

Treasures of ancient Greece/Ancient Treasures of Greece, 3 series the History of Ancient Greece are still not studied and continues to "throw up surprises." Leading BBC Alastair Sooke in the project will reveal the basics of the systematization of the reigning ideas about the art of ancient Greece. Based on the analysis of myths and the Homeric epics, and drawing Parallels with the latest discoveries of the twentieth century.

The history of Britain/A History of Britain 15 episodes of the viewers of this popular science film waiting for unexpected discoveries and strange secrets of life of the British Empire. You will learn all about the lives of people that occupied the territory of Albion, from the stone age to the present day. Also leading Simon Shem tell a lot about political, cultural and social life of this country and how it has influenced the modern world.

David Starkey. Music and MonarchyDavid Starkey''s Music and Monarchy series 4 Documentary project based on the research of Dr. David Starkey, who will tell about what amounted to a serious threat to the existence of music and monarchy, since the XVII century. You will also learn that gave impetus to the emergence, development and popularity of chamber concerts, orchestras, Baroque and proto-operas. This project can open for you a completely different world and look at music.

Charm mapsThe Beauty of Maps series 4 of the BBC Series talks about the cards that had been kept for centuries and ended up in Museum archives. They cannot be called simply "card" — rather, they are real works of art, mysteries of creation which reveal scientists. In particular, the viewer will show the rarities preserved in the archives of the British library. They represent both geographical and historical value, plus they can be called outstanding exhibits of fine art, as they were unsurpassed masters manually. In the four-part film presents a variety of Museum relics and the medieval Chervonskaya map of the world which for seven centuries, and three centuries of maps of London, and the first geographic Atlas of the world, which was at the time a sample of the achievements of geographical science, as well as many unusual exhibits map directions.



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