Hormone female youth in food

Hormone attractivenessWhatever looks nor nature has endowed woman, the true beauty that is visible and noticeable to everyone — this is first and foremost a health and well-being.

Women's health and well-being is entirely dependent on hormones, which are known to fluctuate throughout the month, constantly changes throughout life, and in the end trying to completely change over, when a woman is on the threshold of menopause.

But anyway, if you know what should be the correct hormonal balance, know how to eat and what lifestyle to lead, to support it, you can prolong their youth and preserve the beauty for years to come!

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One of the most important for women's health groups hormones — female hormones — estrogens.

These hormones are present in men but in significantly less quantity and affect the condition appearance and men's health only in case of apparent excess. The main action of estrogen aimed at ensuring the reproductive functions of women.

Estrogen – the word consists of two parts:
oistros — insatiable desire, passion,
genes – calling.
Or another translation – liveliness (brightness) + b.

If I may say so, is a hormone of attractiveness. And it is rounded, chest, and even feminine coquetry is provided from the standpoint of physicians it is these hormones.

The estrogen deficiency is manifested with symptoms such as:

  • depression and mood swings,
  • weight gain,
  • inflows,
  • fast fatigability,
  • low self-esteem, and inattention to her appearance,
  • reduction of personal desire and sensitivity.
That is why it is also called hormone of youth. While the woman feels like a woman and attractive, age doesn't matter.

Correction of hormonal medical doctors do. And only they can decide whether or not to take artificial hormones. But every woman can and in the prevention and correction of background to use phytoestrogens contained in the food.

This method is also good for correcting hormonal levels after pregnancy and childbirth, when a sharp drop in the number of produced estrogen causes postpartum depression and severe hair loss.

Phytoestrogens are much softer and not as aggressive.

There are 3 types of plant hormones with estrogenic activity: isoflavones, lignans and coumestan.

What foods and plants contain hormones?

Flax seed

This product is No. 1 in number of plant hormones (group lignans that possess estrogenic activity). In addition to hormonal action, flax seed and many other useful for the female body properties (anticancer, detoxification, antioxidant properties).

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Is used flax seed in ground form with a large amount of liquid (like bran). It is added to cereal or eaten with honey. Medical (maximum) dose – 2 tablespoons per day.
Plant hormone contains also lignans in sesame seeds and sunflower seeds.

Legumes (green peas, beans, chickpeas, lentils) contain isoflavones – phytoestrogens.

Soy, of course, the leader of these hormones, but the doctors lately is not recommended to eat large amounts of soy.
Among legumes the most recommended lentil, it contains the maximum amount of protein, and also tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin, relieving depression.


The study, which was conducted with women who consumed daily to 500 ml coffee, showed that 90% of the surveyed level of estrogen was raised to 70%. But the main thing — to observe moderation in the consumption of coffee. So this drink was good for you, not Vice versa.


Of all fruits the highest content of the hormone lignans. Can be eaten fresh or dried (dried apricots).

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Estrogens are also present in the following herbs:

  • sage,
  • hop,
  • ginseng root,
  • arnica,
  • chamomile,
  • linden,
  • licorice root. published 

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