The bitter TRUTH about beer — what's happening?!

Despite the fact that beer has long been known, and hops are cultivated in Europe about 1000 years, it is still not clear is what effect this "drink" on the human body.

On the one hand, in some books it is possible to meet the whole ode to beer, ending with recommendations to drink beer pregnant women, nursing mothers, give babies beer "for better sleep", on the other hand, the chief sanitary doctor of Russia Gennady Onishchenko said: "do Not AIDS, tuberculosis not ruin Russia, and beer drinking among the young generation."

So where is the truth?

In this article I'm not going to say much about the effect of alcohol contained in the beer, and focus on the other aspects: disorders in the sexual sphere among consumers of beer, the presence of psychoactive and narcotic substances, the presence in beer of compounds related to alcoholic fermentation, — "fusel oils". In conclusion, will address some social and economic aspects of drinking beer.

It has long been observed that drinking alcoholic beverages leads to the feminization of men and masculinization of women, i.e. men have some female characteristics and develop impotence, and women become more "manly" — coarse voice, the character appears facial.

Among the variety of alcohol available at the moment, namely BEER has the most negative impact on the content of sex hormones in men and women.

To the essence of the phenomenon by official science crept close only in 1999. It turned out that the "knobs" of hops used to make beer specific bitter taste, contains 8-prenylnaringenin (8-PN) is a substance belonging to the class of phytoestrogens ("phyto" – plant "oestrogen" – the female sex hormone).

Similar compounds found in some other plants such as red clover, Lucerne. Folk medicine has long known about this phenomenon, and so the shepherds followed carefully to the cattle not eating too much of these plants. Otherwise, it threatens to infertility, as was observed, for example, in Australia, grazing sheep exclusively on red clover.

However, it should be noted that 8-PN is superior to its hormonal the power of all other phytoestrogens in 10-100 times and closer in activity to human hormone – estrogen.

This fact is since 1999, is actively discussed in the specialized scientific literature, but for a wide range of readers, this information remains virtually closed.


What are sex hormones?

Sex hormones regulate the formation and functioning of the genital organs, expression of secondary sexual characteristics and some aspects of the behavior of man.

If we talk about the differences between a man and a woman, they are primarily determined by the fact that in the male body produces male hormone (testosterone) and woman body – female (estrogen).

It is the action of these substances determines not only external difference between men from women (without them, internal and external sex organs are not formed at all), but gives the man a greater muscle strength, proper shape, facial hair, male voice and character, and the female feminine figure, lack of facial hair, a softer voice and a female character.

If a person starts to take uncharacteristic hormone, his look, the voice, the character is rapidly changing. These are people who consciously want to change their sexual identity.

An important feature of the hormones is their high activity even at low concentrations.

Thus, in healthy women night produced only 0.3-0.7 mg of estrogen, which corresponds to the weight of half a grain of sugar! This amount is enough for a man was a woman. The effective concentration of the female hormone in 1 liter of beer can be up to 0.15 mg in conversion to estrogen.

Here, however, it should be noted that 90% of phytoestrogens in beer contains an inactive form, but 30% of Europeans intestinal microflora works in such a way that puts the hormone into the active form within the body in the small intestine.

What gives you the beer man?

Man, consuming beer, to a significant extent substitutes in his own body the male hormone to female.

Before the male hormone gave him the activity, willpower, desire to win, desire to lead, and now we get a limp, apathetic creature of an intermediate sort, can only lie on the couch and stare blankly at the TV. Next may appear irritability and bitchiness.

Figure such a creature is also changing and expanding the pelvis, deposited fat on the female type on the thighs. The abdominal muscles weaken, and there is "beer belly". Grow breast, now bloated with fat, they hang out in front, in an interesting way complementing the appearance of this "man." According to some, in advanced cases of these Breasts starts to ooze colostrum.

Heart, forced every day to pump an excessive amount of liquid coming from the beer, significantly increases in size, its walls become thinner and flabby, outside it grows fat.

Developing coronary heart disease and increases the risk of heart attack, exercise transferred more and more difficult, there is shortness of breath. Doctors call this syndrome the "beer" or "Bavarian" heart.

All the more problematic becomes the fulfilment of man's duties, gradually developing impotence, attracted to a woman replaced by a craving for alcohol. Thus, confirmed the words of Bismarck: "beer made From lazy, stupid and powerless" (meaning male impotence).

What gives beer a woman?

The female body is working harder and sleeker men in it each month hormonal changes significantly, and the invasion of this delicate mechanism with the introduction of phytoestrogens or other hormonal drugs would have serious consequences, including infertility.

In the normal state a woman's body itself produces much estrogen as she currently need. If a woman drinks beer, and thus introduces into your body additional amounts of the female hormone, it can lead, as shown in experiments on rats, the increase of the uterus, the tissue growth of the uterus and vagina, the allocation of excessive secretions and mucus in the fallopian tubes, menstrual cycle

All of this calls into question the suitability of a woman for procreation. Action hop on women has been long known. So, they tried to use to build "knobs" hop on the plantations, since in this work most of the women were soon bleeding, regardless of the domestic monthly cycle.

If men drinking beer reduces the attraction to the opposite sex, women on the contrary increases that brings disharmony in family relationships. Especially sad to see a girl with a beer bottle in one hand and a cigarette in the other, hanging on some guy in full view of passers-by.

It can be called syndrome of "cat on heat" when sexual desire in girls is so magnified that it loses its inherent modesty and begins to play an active, dominant role, scraping guy. In passing, we note that in tobacco smoke discovered a whole range of phytoestrogens 10, and men Smoking leads to impotence, emerging within 10-20 years.

Estrus is the state of insanity, when the mind is no longer able to control the exaggerated desire. Unfortunately, girls sometimes take this as the norm and are unaware of the causes of this mental disorder is beer, Smoking and related advertising, to impose an appropriate style of life and behavior.

Do not want, however, that this article was regarded as a call to switch from beer to stronger alcoholic beverages – wine and vodka. This was the wrong way sent a casual alcoholic, gradually increasing the fortress and the dose consumed!

It should be noted that any alcohol leads to hormonal disorders in men and women, since over time the alcohol inhibits the function leads to degeneration of the tissue of testes, ovaries, adrenal glands and liver, i.e. organs that regulate hormonal background of a person.

But the brunt of the alcohol causes in the brain, killing its cells and disrupting primarily the most subtle functions of the cerebral cortex.

Thus, somewhat simplifying the problem, we can say that if a person wants to become at first a moral monster, and then impotent, he drinks vodka, if you prefer the reverse sequence – first and only then impotency debilizm, then drink beer. Normal person or beer or vodka are not needed.

However, men and women addicted to beer, can be reassuring – after giving up this swill, they will give your body the opportunity to restore the original hormonal status and over time can regain lost health. Only to give up beer for these people is sometimes very difficult. Why?

Here again pertinently to remember abouthops.

From the point of view of botany, the closest relative of hops is cannabis, they can even combine them and get hybrids. Hemp is the source of such drugs as marijuana and hashish. And in hops, these drugs also contain, albeit in lower concentrations. In addition, the hops produce a bit of morphine active principle of opium and heroin.

Actually contained in beer the alcohol is also a drug, which is formed by the pain of addiction – this is the opinion of the world health organization, approved in 1975.

This fact is noted in GOST 5964-82 for ethanol: "Ethanol –... refers to hard drugs". But beer addiction is formed shallower and faster than other alcohol products, and beer alcoholism is treated with even greater difficulty than usual.

Thus, dividing drugs on the "start" and "seek", consider tobacco and beer to the starting drugs. Beer is especially dangerous because through it is done very early, often before 7 years, introducing children to alcohol. This fact has very negative implications for further mental, physical and sexual development of adolescents.

A few words about how to make traditional beer.

Alcoholic fermentation is carried out on the basis of barley malt, carbohydrates which are processed brewer's yeast to ethanol. However, in addition to ethyl alcohol yeast always allocate a "bunch" of substances – a wide range of alcohols (methyl, propyl, ISO-amyl, etc.), esters, aldehydes, ketones – all of what is called "fusel oil".

The accumulation of these poisons and ethyl alcohol the yeast are killed, because the environment becomes unsuitable for further life. The finished beer sold, sometimes not even filtering the remains of these microorganisms.

The people correctly say: "Beer not vodka."

Indeed, according to its Toxicological characteristics beer, considering the quantities consumed, much worse than vodka, it's even worse than moonshine! After all vodka producers use for its preparation is alcohol that has undergone special cleaning.

And although alcohol is a poison, destroying first the brain, but they are proud to be purified of fusel oils even more toxic substances. Even the bootleggers don't spill Braga just on banks, but still it is distilled, thereby at least partially cleaning the alcohol from the heavy components of vodka.

According to GOST R 51355-99, vodka, the content of fusel oil can not exceed 3 mg/l, and in beer, the contents of these toxins is 50-100 mg/l!

That is why the poisoning is a more heavy beer. However, the fusel taste in beer felt bad, because he interrupted hop bitterness, especially added there. It is interesting to note that the knobs of hops also contain some higher alcohols and some of them have a distinct effect on brain activity.

Large-scale studies on the effects of beer on the human body are still not carried out that however, it is clear, given the interest of the parties. However, there is evidence that beer consumption increases by more than 30% chance of developing breast cancer, and there is no clear dependence on dose drink beer.

Beer causes a range of eye diseases. The risk of developing cataracts and maculopathy (macular degeneration leading to blindness) increased 1.5-3 times, and concurrent Smoking also boosts the negative effect.


Why do people drink beer?

Fans of this "drink" say that they like the taste. However, most people recall that at first they did not like the taste of beer, they soon found it nasty, but gradually got used. This can be compared with the first puff of tobacco smoke — at first disgusted, but overpowering themselves form an addiction.

Many beer lovers refuse to drink non-alcoholic beer, on the grounds that he has good taste, but statistical studies have shown that in tests with private labels, they do not distinguish between non-alcoholic beer from normal. So why drink beer?

In the first phase his drinking to look "adult" and then drink it just because there's alcohol in it. So it all comes down to the question: "Why do people terminiate?" It is interesting to note that in the USSR the consumption of beer beginning to increase significantly in 70-80 years, when the state tried in vain to oust vodka weaker "products" and artificially lower the price of beer.

In the end, the beer was in great demand because it was the cheapest alcohol in terms of alcohol — for one penny you could buy 1.2-1.4 g "beer" alcohol and only 0.5 g of vodka.

In 1960 per capita in USSR had 13л of beer in 1970 — 16L, in 1980 — 24L, 1985 — 18L, by the 1990s consumption rose again to 23L, and then fell sharply in connection with appreciable reduction in cost of the vodka and the emergence of "drinking" of alcohol – beer became unprofitable to get drunk. However, by the mid 90-ies of the brewing industry in Russia began to recover: 1995 — 12L, 1998 — 22L, 1999 — 29L, 2000 — 37l for the soul! What's going on?!

Swill for the plebeians beer was considered in the Roman Empire. Themselves Roman citizens, the beer did not drink, and serfs, drinking beer, despised, counting cattle. Thus, these foreign "benefactors" combine pleasant with useful – stuff your pockets and clean our country from the "excess" population. Fulfill the Covenant, voiced by Madeleine Albright (former U.S. Secretary of state) in 2000: "In the opinion of the world community in Russia, economically viable living 15 million people...".

Brothers, but why should you combine unpleasant with useless and harmful?! Over the past 10 years according to official statistics in Russia every year are born in an average 1.35 million people, and dies 2.20 million, of which ~700 thousand people from causes associated with alcohol, and ~300 thousand people from causes related to Smoking, drug-50-100 thousand, suicide – 30 - 40 thousand, murder – 25-30 thousand people. Every fifth couple is infertile.

And what is our role in all of this? Everyone decides for himself, but, to paraphrase a Toddler, say: "Oh, not the beer happiness...". And what? Have we already forgotten?

I believe that my nation is still too early to give up. It is up to us, each of us.published

Author: Klimenko Ivan

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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