Let's talk about the different types of beer

I propose to discuss in the comments who is drinking a beer, and most importantly what)

The most "extreme" beers: Sam Adams Utopias

"Extreme" beer of the American beer brand Samuel Adams found the strongest beer in the world. Stout Sam Adams Utopias contains 25% alcohol. It is a dark flavored drink from 4 different types of hops, which gives it a spicy herbal hue. The taste Utopias present and cognac notes. Infused it for several years in barrels of whiskey, cognac and port wine and bottled in collectable decanters with a copper finish. This beer should be upotreblint after eating, drinking small sips, like a liqueur.


As the name implies, this milk beer. It actually consists of a mixture of beer and milk. The idea of ​​producing "Bilk" (30% milk and 70% beer) came up with the liquor store owner in Hokkaido. To solve the problem of overproduction of milk and thus help his fellow farmers, he invented a recipe for milk beer. The manufacturing process of this beer is no different from the production of conventional beer. The taste is also a beer, but with the flavor of the milk. While the beer is sold only in Japan, but given the media interest in this drink, we can not exclude its appearance outside of Japan.

The most piquant beer: Cave Creek Chili Beer

Spicy new Cave Creek Chili Beer brewery from Black Mountain is really hot. Each bottle of scalding Mexican beer contains whole pepper. The aroma is noticeable character of pepper, but it does not overwhelm the original and well-balanced aroma of hops and malt. Chile adds extra zest to the taste of beer.
Just be careful, do not drink more than two bottles at once. You can plant and stomach.

Most "non-beer" beer: Lindemans Kriek Cherry Lambic

Legendary Belgian dark pink beer Lindemans Kriek Cherry Lambic to taste more like a cherry soda: sweet, highly carbonated with a pronounced cherry flavor. Remarkably it is the fact that for several years maintained with fresh cherries in oak barrels. However, dry beverage gives it freshness, recalling that drink you still beer.

"Exhilarating" beers: Dogfish Head Chicory Stout

Dogfish Head Chicory Stout - one of the unique products of the American brewing company from Delaware Dogfish Head. Brewed with the addition of roasted chicory, natural Mexican coffee and licorice root beer has a rich, spicy flavor with a pleasant aftertaste of coffee and light hints of clove.

Just the original beer: Rogue Chipotle Ale

This beer, originally from Oregon, home of beer pubs and good beer, prepared with the addition of chili chipotle peppers (smoked dried jalapeno) to give the drink smoky, slightly bitter taste and aroma. Taking a sip, you will experience only the sharpness of chili chipotle ... Wait a bit - and after five seconds you will feel the true taste of the original beer.

Chocolate beer - Imperial Chocolate Stout

Small parties of Imperial Chocolate Stout brewed on the eve of Valentine's Day in Japan Atsugi. What is most interesting, but this beer is called
and chocolate flavor. The fortress beers - 8, 9 degrees. A bottle of beer costs 630 yen (140 rubles) and is sold only in Japan.

Beer and champagne

The American company Cobra Beer Inc started production of Krait Prestige Champagne Lager in 2006. This beer and champagne in a bottle. The term "Champagne" describes the process of production of the drink. After drink bottled capacity of 750 ml, is added to the beer-yeast and champagne aged 2 weeks. It costs $ 13 for a beer bottle.

Dog beer

The idea to create beer for favorite dog came up with the owner of the store goods for the animals of course, Holland. This alcohol-free beer made from beef extract and malt. Beer called Kwispelbier, which translates roughly as "a beer for wagging a tail." A bottle 1, 65 euros.

Pizza Beer - Mamma Mia Pizza Beer

«Mamma Mia Pizza Beer» was created in 2006, a married couple from Illinois. The couple believe they have invented the world's first culinary beer. As for the ingredients of this beer uses tomatoes, onions, garlic and spices such as oregano and basil. Beer is sold in a small restaurant, and we can only hope that this beer had to taste the local people to try it.

Beer ice cream

The idea of ​​making beer, which you can lick "like popsicles," came up with the owners of a restaurant in Alexandria, Virdzhiniya.Eto ice cream really is 99 percent of the beer, but, alas, has not yet made - because of the possibility to break the local spirits Legislation its inventors were forced to stop production of beer and ice cream.

Rzhachnye beer

Israeli chemists came up with a recipe funny beer - it is in the drink at proizvodsto added a small amount of laughing gas or nitrous oxide. This beer is drunk make him laugh. This is a good way to relieve stress or just relax. However, the beer market has not been released, as has not received the approval of the Ministry of Health of Gdańsk.

And finally, an interesting story associated with the sale of beer in the world-famous auction
One of the users of the auction with the nickname petere92346 decided to sell beer. Beer was not easy, but ALLSOPP's ARCTIC ALE. It was released in 1852-m (!), The legendary British brewery Allsopp, which ceased to exist in the mid-20th century. The bottle was sealed and the label had signed hand brewer.
The seller will likely not even imagine the approximate cost of the bottle, so lightly treated to a description by writing a few sentences and attaching two photographs. But his biggest mistake was the misspelling of the name of the manufacturer. He wrote «Allsop», skipping the letter «p» at the end of the word. Because of this, potential buyers are collectors could not find the bottle in the search on the auction page.

And on June 21 of this year, a user with the nickname collectordan buys this bottle for $ 304.

The story might have ended if an enterprising new owner of the bottle has not exposed it for sale again with a normal description, with lots of pictures and, most importantly, with the right name. As a result, on August 12, he is selling this bottle for 503,300 dollars.

I learned there about the first owner of the bottle, history is silent ...


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