Production of fresh beer

I propose to go to the brewery and see the process of making a living beer.
The photo shows the plant, a large part of it is occupied by the tanks in which the beer matures and ripens.

Rule one, "Without shoe covers in the shop did not go!" Let's not broken, the more it is not necessary to persist and laugh all the surrounding process napyalivaniya them on shoes, but simply and elegantly trust in to this miraculous machine, puts the marked shoe covers you on your feet.

Everyone knows that the theater begins with a hanger, and the brewery starts with malt. Here he is in stock in bags, packaged in a standard 50 kg. This plant is used only natural malt.

And so, for reference only say that in addition to malt for beer production need hops, special brewer's yeast, and of course water, without in any way here. Water the plant comes from artesian wells. And for thousands of liters of beer, you will need 1100 liters of water.

For those who do not know, malt - the product obtained in the germination of seeds of cereals, mainly barley. During the germination of seeds it produced the desired brewers enzymes. Here he kartinochku.

But malt as such can not be run in production, in order to begin the process of brewing beer, malt need to prepare - it must be crushed. Here in the mill (solododrobilke).


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