About the effect of beer on health (32 pics + text)

Since then, people began to brew beer, they found it more and more healing properties. Since ancient Sumerians, doctors prescribed mouthwash and drinking warm beer inside to treat toothache. In the Middle Ages beer it is prescribed for the expulsion of kidney stones, and for the treatment of exhaustion, both physical and spiritual; rubbed tired feet a beer after a long journey. In the XVI century, the famous Paracelsus treating liver disease fern beer, and respiratory diseases beer sage. As the masks and rubbing beer used in medieval cosmetology for skin rejuvenation.

German pioneer of cholera Professor Koh fully supported his Czech colleagues - professors and Chapter Tomaera who saw the beer cure cholera. Bacilli are killed in beer for a few hours and the disease is not an evolving institution. The devastating cholera epidemic in Europe are rarely affected employees medieval breweries.

It may seem a fiction fact that in the XVIII and early XIX century, most medicines in hospitals accepted only with beer. How wonderful tonic, disinfectant and tonic drink beer give recovering patients in hospitals of St. Petersburg until the middle of the XIX century.

Munich Beer Institute research has shown that one liter of unfiltered beer is 10 times more useful than a liter of milk.

Austrian brewers forces are not as proud of the fact that their child was drinking beer at one boy from the city of Graz. Little boy grew up a frail, sickly and all that. And I recommend it, but the milk to drink beer. Now the boy grew up. Who it? Arnold Schwarzenegger.


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