The culture of beer consumption

You can drink beer is simple: on a bench in the park after hours, you can - at an expensive restaurant with a variety of snacks and noisy company. How to drink beer? Yes, the main thing that was delicious. However, there are a series of unwritten rules.

Can l admit the ancient Egyptians, inventing such a wonderful product that he will be devoted to the symphony of sounds with shades of liquid is poured into a ceramic, glass and other dishes! A conservatory professor P. Chiharu Angeles in his masterpiece solo instruments bring it beer glasses and bottles! They collect around the world, they account for museum exhibitions, from them, finally, build houses and argue that there is very warm.
A tradition - it's fantastic. In Babylon 4000 years ago, the father of the bride to the groom arranged for "Beer Month." The husband all the time due to the wife's father drank, how much you want. In the famous code of laws of the Babylonian king Hammurali regulated by the rules of the manufacture and sale of beer. God forbid it was diluted with - brewer threatened with death! Agree, would do well to remember this modern combustion entrepreneurs. That they would offer as in Babylon - Toli drown in a vat own substandard products, roofing felts upotreblint it inside until ...

Please choose the dishes for beer. The issue of what to drink beer, the subject of many articles. Similarly, the following is known: you can not drink beer out of metal and ceramic vessels, no matter how beautiful they are. Metal vessels change the taste of beer, but breathable ceramic becomes an arena for the mixing of air and carbon dioxide, which also does not contribute to taste the drink. The best receptacle for a glass of beer is extended upward. The fact that when we drink from a bottle, the taste of the beer is not felt in full - this is because the taste receptors responsible for the perception of bitter are in back of the tongue and the bottle just "lack" there. That is why always come first in the menu featured beer, a private brewery with a worldwide reputation in their cafes and pubs do not serve bottled beer.

Stone, porcelain, wood and even bones - of which just do not do beer mugs? Optimum materials in modern conditions are glass and wood, and for gift options - porcelain. The beer mug volume should not be less than five hundred milliliters. Pour the beer slowly, not to drink and then a foam. And the tap or bottle, from which the liquid is poured, should aim at the center of the circles. Beer is poured into the center of circles or other glass from a height of 2, 5 cm above the edge of the vessel. After thickening foam at the first pouring beer topped up so that its level reached about three-quarters the height of the glass or a special mark. Foam from beer to be sour cream consistency, solid and compact, without bubbles, almost entirely white. Correct poured beer forms a "cap" of foam characteristic of the species. This can be achieved by cutting along the edges of the foam cups, for example, a kitchen knife, before you pour the last batch of beer. If we want to model the foam, we must use the dishes without a trace of fat.

Dry beer mugs in the drier separately from other dishes. Experts do not recommend wiping the glasses, but just wait until they dry out so that you can re-submit the drink. Often glasses before pouring cooled so that there was a bright unique flavor drink.


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