The culture of beer consumption


You can drink beer is simple: on a bench in the park after hours, you can - at an expensive restaurant with a variety of snacks and noisy company. How to drink beer? Yes, the main thing that was delicious. However, there are a series of unwritten rules.

Can l admit the ancient Egyptians, inventing such a wonderful product that he will be devoted to the symphony of sounds with shades of liquid is poured into a ceramic, glass and other dishes! A conservatory professor P. Chiharu Angeles in his masterpiece solo instruments bring it beer glasses and bottles! They collect around the world, they account for museum exhibitions, from them, finally, build houses and argue that there is very warm.
A tradition - it's fantastic. In Babylon 4000 years ago, the father of the bride to the groom arranged for "Beer Month." The husband all the time due to the wife's father drank, how much you want. In the famous code of laws of the Babylonian king Hammurali regulated by the rules of the manufacture and sale of beer. God forbid it was diluted with - brewer threatened with death! Agree, would do well to remember this modern combustion entrepreneurs. That they would offer as in Babylon - Toli drown in a vat own substandard products, roofing felts upotreblint it inside until ...


Please choose the dishes for beer. The issue of what to drink beer, the subject of many articles. Similarly, the following is known: you can not drink beer out of metal and ceramic vessels, no matter how beautiful they are. Metal vessels change the taste of beer, but breathable ceramic becomes an arena for the mixing of air and carbon dioxide, which also does not contribute to taste the drink. The best receptacle for a glass of beer is extended upward. The fact that when we drink from a bottle, the taste of the beer is not felt in full - this is because the taste receptors responsible for the perception of bitter are in back of the tongue and the bottle just "lack" there. That is why always come first in the menu featured beer, a private brewery with a worldwide reputation in their cafes and pubs do not serve bottled beer.

Stone, porcelain, wood and even bones - of which just do not do beer mugs? Optimum materials in modern conditions are glass and wood, and for gift options - porcelain. The beer mug volume should not be less than five hundred milliliters. Pour the beer slowly, not to drink and then a foam. And the tap or bottle, from which the liquid is poured, should aim at the center of the circles. Beer is poured into the center of circles or other glass from a height of 2, 5 cm above the edge of the vessel. After thickening foam at the first pouring beer topped up so that its level reached about three-quarters the height of the glass or a special mark. Foam from beer to be sour cream consistency, solid and compact, without bubbles, almost entirely white. Correct poured beer forms a "cap" of foam characteristic of the species. This can be achieved by cutting along the edges of the foam cups, for example, a kitchen knife, before you pour the last batch of beer. If we want to model the foam, we must use the dishes without a trace of fat.

Dry beer mugs in the drier separately from other dishes. Experts do not recommend wiping the glasses, but just wait until they dry out so that you can re-submit the drink. Often glasses before pouring cooled so that there was a bright unique flavor drink.


It is not recommended to mix beer with anything, even if the two brands of beer, or one brand, but differs in degree. Beer - is a drink of a specific nature and purity. Mix it with other components, we deprive it of its typical properties. In addition, all new experimenters in the field of cooking should know that the beer should not be mixed with other drinks - its taste is hopelessly spoiled.

Keep in mind that the most delicious chilled beer. The optimum temperature for the supply of beer, plus 6-8 degrees. In any case it must not be greater than 10 degrees and less than 5 degrees. At lower temperatures the aromatic and flavor components are lost beer. Beer can not be quenched, for example, put the bottle in the freezer or heated.


Beer never be poured from one vessel to another or add svezhenalitoe unfinished beer. Beer can not shake and stir. Atmospheric oxygen rapidly oxidizes beer is cloudy. Beer should be drunk in three gulps. The first sip of beer drunk half, in the second - half of the remainder, and in the third - the remainder. It is also important as an increasing beer to swallow and it swallowed. Gulp should be noticeable: once supposed to swallow about three quarters of the amount that we are most able to swallow.

Main classical rule: start from the supply of beer, which comprises the lowest concentration of solids in the initial wort. Also, if different types of beer drinking, start with a light and a dark finish, it has a rich flavor and aroma.


Beer is good to serve all types of food, especially fatty meat, to venison, smoked and fatty cheeses. And how tasty beer with salted fish. Only be taken into account if you want a taste of beer, not "hammer" while his food. So, for light beer are good crabs, shrimp, cheese, potato chips, crackers, nuts, dried smelt. Dark grades of "love" fish and meat salads, hot dishes. And the exotic (for Russia) varieties such as ale or fruit beer, it is better potreblint without snacks. Stockfish dried fish - a traditional application in our country for beer - some experts do not recommend: it interrupts the taste of the drink.


Keep the beer should be in an upright position so that the drink does not touch the inner surface of the tube. If you want to maintain the flavor of the beer, it should be protected from sunlight. In countries legislators beer traditions not to drink beer on the go. In order to get a real pleasure, it is necessary to stay at the table at home or at the bar and focus. It is better to drink beer - not pasteurized and without preservatives. It will carry up to you the true flavor of malt and hops. True pivolyub considers it his duty to visit all beer festivals and exhibitions to one of the first to join the beer novelties, and then enjoy their superiority.


Healing and beneficial properties of beer

It has long been noted and health and beauty properties of beer. Back in the XVI century. a German pharmacist recommended that women regularly smeared his face and chest beer foam to make the skin tenderness. It is known that the Prussian King Frederick William III (1797-1840) stare at the full figure ladies, sometimes neglecting recognized in Europe beauty queen Louise (she died in 1810) suffering from flat-chested.

She had to follow the advice of doctors, "to drink beer during the meal and after, keep riding, three times a day thoroughly massaged his chest with a beer." The royal couple's daughter, Princess Charlotte (Alexandra Feodorovna in Orthodoxy) became the wife of Grand Duke Nicholas, the future Emperor Nicholas I.
Of course beer is not a panacea, but certain medicinal properties it certainly has. The general effect: beer accelerates the body's metabolism, rejuvenates the cells. Experience has shown that people who regularly upotreblinyuschie beer (it should be stressed - in moderation), are aging more slowly than those who do not drink beer. Gerontologists believe that 1-2 beers a day slow down the aging process.

Beer displays the body of carcinogens and reduces the risk of cancer. Studies of Japanese scientists have shown that regular consumption of beer can reduce the risk of disease by 2-3 times. Maybe that's why, in recent decades in Japan, beer became a national drink.

In addition, absolutely certain that displays the body of the beer aluminum salts, and no other liquid can not do.

Beer fine quenches thirst, because of mineral content and carbon dioxide expands the capillary vessels of the mucous membrane of the digestive system, helps more rapid flow of fluid into the blood.


Beer - the only alcoholic beverage that contains hops bitterness, which activates the secretion of gastric juice inhibits the undesirable effects of alcohol in beer. Have fallen from the hops in beer active substances have a calming, soothing and hypnotic action, inhibit growth and reproduction of bacteria.

Beer Bath will regulate perspiration. If you sweat heavily, then add the warm water bottle of beer and a little lie down.

In the bath beer poured on hot stones. This is done because the steam beer very useful both for the skin, making it more silky, and for the entire body. Different masks and creams on the basis of beer contribute to wrinkles. For example, yolk mask - egg yolk whipped in beer, and the mixture is applied to the face.

There are people prescriptions for the treatment of colds. For example, a spoon of honey to a cup of warmed beer - and the common cold as the arm lift. There are other recipes, all based on hot or warmed beer with the addition of eggs, as well as clove, cinnamon.

The best remedy for hair styling, which was known our great-grandmother, is beer. All known beer shampoos which provide the same effect as shampoos with conditioners, but with an additional beneficial effect on the hair. And if beer to put on some time for hair to return it a healthy shine, elasticity, will stop hair loss.

Known healing properties of alkali Pilsen beer. Czechs are less likely to suffer kidney disease. Doctors confirm that this beer destroys kidney stones.


American researchers concluded that those upotreblinet one or two daily doses of alcohol (13, 2 g of alcohol or beer 330 g) reduced risk of heart attack by 50%. The alcohol is present a high-density lipoprotein, or as it is called "good cholesterol", which plays an important role treatment of blood vessels from harmful deposits.

Due to the high carbon dioxide content of drink stimulates mucosal dilation of capillaries, and thereby rapid absorption of the liquid into the blood. But be careful: is a virtue above all sorts of light.

The composition of beer can be found a small amount of protein and amino acids, 1 to 2 gr. per liter of mineral substances, vitamins B1, B2, PP, as well as organic acids. Moreover, in a beverage practically no such undesired substances to the organism as sucrose and fructose.

Old English way of treating the common cold: because of this old English recipe can get rid of a cold in one day. The method tested and harmless. Take 2 bottles of fresh beer and a pinch of cinnamon, cloves, add 3.4 sticks and a bit of lemon peel. Mash 3 egg yolks with 2-5 tablespoons of sugar until the foam. Pour this mixture into the hot beer with spices, stirring occasionally. Put on the fire, cook until thick, but do not boil. Colds are receding after 2-3 hours. A drink should be on 1-1, 5 cups at a time.

People German medicine: a water bath heat the contents of the bottle to 30 degrees and upotreblinete inside - the strongest diaphoretic.

Health Minister Seehofer said Germany with the numerous witnesses a toast: "To fear God - kindly. Drink beer - happily. So fear God, and drink beer - live in goodness and joy! »

Almost all the authors of old books about beer drinking beer even recommended for lactating mothers and infants, seriously arguing that after the breast milk beer - the most suitable food for children.

According to mother of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Arnold in his childhood he was often sick and once she was advised to give it, except for milk, and even a little beer. That is why she believes it has become so big and strong.


The Institute of Sports Medicine in Rome, athletes of different categories were given during the month as the only beer in the drink (except water). And it was found that the use of 1 liter of beer a day does not affect the body weight, heart rate, blood pressure and muscle performance.

At the same time it increased the clarity of breath, the pace of regeneration after a meal, reduced the reaction time, improved motor coordination and speed of reflexes.

After abdominal gastrointestinal operations Czech doctors recommend that patients drink a bottle of beer every day. Also, consumption of one bottle of beer day helps treat stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers.

Moderate beer consumption has a positive effect on behavior and emotions of people, reduces risk of coronary heart disease.


Bavarians are foaming at the mouth will prove that beer is not only a guarantee of health, but also beauty, because the use of Beer beneficial for the complexion.

Back in 1541 a certain Johann Zaugfrus, the court of Duke William of Bavaria apothecary, wrote his "Treatise of beer." In particular, he advised women to rub the foam in beer face and chest. This was to protect the face from wrinkles, and make a bust elastic. Believe it or not, but the meticulous Germans, accustomed to everything subordinate control, recently came to a stunning conclusion: the average bavarki were in the country the most buxom!

And most importantly, beer and a light tranquilizer natural origin. Now I understand why peace and equanimity Germans entered the saying? Beer has a sedative, t. E. Sedative and hypnotic effect due to the presence therein of hops. There are, however, have a beer one drawback - it is low in calories. Yes Yes. Less is only in mineral water, tea and coffee. And this stone in the garden of those who claim that beer fat. Just beer stimulates appetite, and is known to be good appetite - a sign of good health.


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