How to drink beer by the rules

Rule 1. Brains frost, but not beer!
Even if you drink cheap, legenky beer, better cools it on the ice, not in the freezer. Otherwise, the beer will turn into an icicle.

Rule 2. No residue!
Leave at least a sip of the bottle - it is sacrilege! This is a terrible crime against humanity and, of course, should be punished to the full extent! Next time do not order more than you can drink, and if such a mishap occurred and then gather all the forces, all the will in a fist and dopey.

Rule 3. It is still drinking from a bottle?
Drink from the bottle can be any third-swill that beer and something called ashamed. But if you drink now, quality beer, if you please, pour it in a beer glass or mug. Especially if it is an unfiltered beer, which is not adapted to long-term habitation in a sealed container. Your duty - to release him from prison, pour into a glass bottle leaving a nasty sludge. Once you produced beer as the genie of freedom, miracles begin. Its taste and flavor will be brighter, and will vary depending on the depth of the glass. Do not trust? Try it yourself.

Rule 4. Plastic cups? Never!
Are you planning a big party and you need a lot of packaging for beer? Do not even think about the cheap plastic cups, do not save and buy unbreakable plastic glasses. This will automatically translate your party with beer in kegs to a new level. From fragile disposable beer glasses forever shed on the carpet, they do not get a nice foamy cap, and with a certain degree of drunk impossible normally they hold in their hands.

Rule 5. cans or bottles?
Drink beer out of the can is cool? Yeah, of course, if you drink shitty beer. Canned beer is rapidly cooled, but still it must drink from the cup, not to feel the taste of banks, first, and not to drink before time secondly. Especially if it's a very big pot. Pour into a mug of beer, drink slowly, and only after the cup is empty, you can still pour.

Rule 6. Do not keep it in your hands
Stop all night to pull in the hands of his beer. Put it on the table, you that have nothing else to occupy your hands? Most people do not even know how strongly and quickly heats up in the hands of the glass and drink. A warm as any beer, even very expensive and very good, turns into a slop.

Rule 7. Do you love a freebie?
Are you one of those people who never buys beer friends? Of course, you calmly accept treatment from others and hope that when it's your turn to buy a beer or a chip in the next box, everything would already be too drunk to remember it. Damn you! Threw at least a little in the pile from time to time. You know what happens to meanie who are not thrown off along with all the beer? During this terrible sin they fall into hell, where there is very, very beer and no fluid at all!

Rule 8. Drink a volley is not cool.
Never once drank all the beer, do not drink in one gulp, do not drink in one gulp, as the beer flowed across the face, in short, do not rush! Ceychas is allowed only if you were born and raised in the brewery. And what if the cheeks and chin, you drain a drop, or, God forbid, poperhneshsya - you look like a complete idiot. At the very least, practice at home before to demonstrate his toughness in public.

Rule 9. Too strong?
Do not drink beer unknown brand is not yet clear how strong it (this is a percentage figure on the label, if that). Only fools bought unfamiliar imported beers. It's funny to see how profane whipped Belgian Strong Golden Ale, as if it's cheap, light beer, and then fall when trying to get up from the table and can not normally get to the toilet. So look what you drink.

Rule 10 Nationality of beer.
Do you like the national cuisine? Then wash down with beer specialties corresponding nationality. We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant - order Dos Equis. Eat something Chinese - take Tsing Tao. You prefer Italian food - then you will approach Peroni. For Indian cuisine - Saag, and sushi - Sapporo. Well, in general, the picture is clear.

Rule 11. Do not obey the rules.
The next time you'll order a beer, do not take what you usually suck from a bottle or what everyone drinks. We are sick of such fawning, mundane and pathetic types who say, "I'm the same as him" or "I'll be the same thing." Stop grovel surprise yourself. Who knows, maybe you will then taste. We know that all take a proven beer, but you must not be like everyone else. Try something new, do not be afraid, do not die from it. On the contrary, it will make you wiser and more experienced.

Respect beer!


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