Top 15 most unusual beers

From everyday tired. From time to time you want something new and unusual. Even the men's favorite drink can bore the stronger sex, so brewers are trying to diversify its product range and to make it possible more original. DrinkTime represents the top 15 most unusual, in our subjective view, the taste of beer.

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1. In 2006, the married couple Tom and Athena Sifurt, founding his own brewery in Illinois (USA) invented a beer that can be combined to taste their favorite food - pizza. Mixing ingredients such as tomatoes, basil, garlic and so on. N., Sifurty sired beer Mamma Mia! «Pizza Beer».

2. If there is a beer that could be shared with four-legged friend, then this is definitely the Dutch Kwispelbier. The manufacturer is positioning it as the drink beer for dogs treat tempting smells of beef that will appreciate even the most pampered dog.

3. El Pumpkin Pumpkin Ale - both sharp and sweet - in many places is very popular in autumn. The manufacturer is ale brewery Smuttynose of New Hampshire, in the range where a lot of beverages with an unusual flavor.

4. One of the tastiest varieties in the world - bread, banana beer BANANA Bread Beer from the company Wells. The drink contains bananas, fermented juices and cereal sorghum.

5. Only a madman would think of mixing beer and milk, but producers' beer »Bilk think that it is a good idea. The content of milk in this beer is 30%, and, according to those who dare to evaluate the experiment, the drink has a traditional taste of beer and a light shade of milk.

6. Beer Exit 1 from the American company Flying Fish receptors flatter the most refined palates, as cooked as much with the oysters.

7. Brewery Shanandoah decided to create a beer that will not mind to try even the most negative sentiment beer lady. Chosolate Donut Stout - revived a dream for sladkoeezhek, as it has a pronounced taste of chocolate donuts.

8. For those who can afford to drink a bottle of frothy morning, Dark Star Brewery brew Espresso, consisting, as you probably have guessed, from beer and coffee.

9. Pleased fans of exotic and Japanese brewers. Theirs tomato beer Tomato Bibere, has a pleasant taste of tomatoes and spicy hop bitterness. Echigo Beer Co. cooked tomato beer at the request of the owner of the well-known bar in Tokyo, and maintains that beer consists of only organic ingredients and health benefits.

10. Fans can enjoy sharp little Chili Beer breweries from Arizona Chili Beer Co. The drink came in a wide range of herbs and spices, so that such a drink is definitely fit for most "hot" party.

11. Traditionally, the creme brulee distinguished taste of burnt sugar - that it took as a basis the Brewers from the American company Southern Tier, created the beer, which is called - Crème Brulee.

12. Creators of beer LaDragonne want their child served in very unusual for a beer - hot. The beer has a distinctive taste of honey and spices, it is proposed to heat in circles before serving.

13. Fans of Oriental cuisine will certainly appreciate a beer flavored with wasabi. Wasabi Dry by Miya Mori is quite possible to combine with sushi and rolls.

14. But beer Hell High Watermelon Wheat Beer brewery Amendment by different characteristic taste of watermelon. It was curious how nice to get a combination of components of beer and taste the juicy southern delicacy.

15. Of even greater interest is the beer Wostynia, which give us the Polish brewers. The drink contains mustard seeds.



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