How to check the quality of the pasta

What is the difference between a good pasta from pasta low quality? Good pasta can be eaten in almost any quantity: they do not harm nor figure, nor health. This is a worthy reason to buy pasta of high quality. So, how to test the quality of pasta?

What are pasta

The pasta — or, as the Italians say, "pasta" — are very different. We are not going to talk about the form of pasta and all natural dyes that turn different types of pasta in almost works of art is a topic for another article. Let's talk about the wheat from which pasta is made.

The secret of quality of pasta is very simple: for production use only flour from durum wheat. This is due to the difference in the carbohydrate structures of hard and soft wheat. In the grain of durum wheat starch is in the crystalline form, whereas in the soft — amorphous. In the first case, when properly grinding the crystals of starch are not destroyed and glued clumps of protein, which content in durum wheat is much higher.

Pasta from durum wheat retain their shape during cooking, but also gain a lot of useful properties. These noodles are rich in minerals and proteins. They have a low glycemic index, which is important for people who are trying to maintain good physical shape.

Dishes are 30% satisfy the daily needs of the organism in the protein. And they contain so-called slow sugars, which are gradually broken down by the body, and the person does not feel hunger between meals. The nutritional value of pasta from soft wheat is comparable to the value of ordinary bread — it just involves a widespread belief that pasta is fattening, which does not apply to pasta made from durum wheat.

In addition to flour from durum wheat for production of pravilnikov the optimal ratio of flour and water. With the right proportions of both the dough becomes stiff and elastic — in this case, the texture of the pasta will turn out as it should. It seems no coincidence that the word "pasta", which in Italy is called all kinds of pasta, in Russian means "the dough"!

In many countries — Italy, France, Greece, other EU States — a pasta made exclusively from durum wheat. In Russia there are simply no standards — apparently, because in our country the pasta has long been used as a garnish or for soups, and not as a separate dish. But the correct pasta is not necessary to add any meatballs, sausage or chicken broth, with a good sauce they themselves will be a good lunch!

Not to be mistaken with a choice and not to the store to buy the "wrong" pasta, it is necessary to carefully read the packaging and understand how to look good Mac.

How to distinguish pasta from durum wheat and to check their quality

First take a look at the very box of pasta. A package of pasta from durum wheat must be labeled with the labels "Group A", "1st class", "durum", "durum wheat" or "semolina di grano duro".

After packing inspection take a look at yourself pasta. On the surface of the pasta should be dark spots are the remains of the shells of the grain, which talks about using flour durum; pasta from soft wheat has a lot of white points, which may not be in the products of durum wheat. The color is good pasta should be smooth — gold or amber; the color of pasta from soft wheat, usually white or lemon yellow.

Of course, the color of any pasta will be different, if it "colored" pasta sprinkled with spinach or tomato. In a pack of pasta should not be broken noodles, and even more crumbs.

A further test — even when cooking. Buying a pack of pasta at the store and cook it at home, you can always make the final decision to know whether to buy these noodles next time or opt for products from another manufacturer.

Condition after cooking is an important indicator of quality of macaroni products. Cooked products should be increased in the amount of not less than two times to maintain good form, be soft, elastic, does not clump, does not produce lumps (while the pasta from soft wheat boiled soft, become sticky, soft and sticky). The cooking water should not be murky, since it indicates the loss of articles valuable nutrients and separating the starch present in the flour soft wheat.

If you bought macaroni and passed all "tests", we can only wish you good appetite! Watch your health and eat only the right food!



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