All who love pasta, should know this trick! Since it is almost unknown to anyone ...

Even a simple dish like pasta, you can manage to cook disgusting. After I tried properly cooked Italian pasta, I do not want to cook pasta, as before. To achieve a delicious taste, you need to know a few important points. You have a chance to cook pasta, like a real Italian! Pasta of any quality are obtained to cancel.

The first error committed by the majority of cooking, terrible. Not to spread the pasta in a colander! From this, they become sticky and tasteless.

Of course, you can get rid of the stickiness if Rinse pasta with cold water. But the taste of this better not be, quite the contrary ...

And the last step that you too did many times. Pour the sauce on top of pasta - easily. But what is the result of all these actions? Nightmare taste. No pasta and sauce separately above. So you can not!

Enough to know a few secrets, and the pasta you have on the table will be incredibly delicious. As soon as the pasta is cooked, place them in a deep frying pan with boiling sauce. Pasta from the pan to get a small colander, so very convenient.

Put out the pasta in the sauce for 1 minute, make the most of a small fire.

Add a little water into a paste from the pan. If you want, add the butter - it will make the pasta is incredibly delicate.

Add grated cheese to pasta and Italian herbs. Basil - the best option, it turns out very tasty pasta with thyme.

Parmesan, which fall into the boiling sauce, melted. To make the taste even thinner before serving sprinkle cheese dish again.

See detailed video on how to cook the pasta. Everything is very simple!

Now even ordinary pasta you're ready for the king. Why deny yourself the pleasure is tasteless food if you can skillfully prepare anything?

Do not forget to show your friends the Italian secrets, they will be useful to everyone.

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