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The history of beer. "I do not know the beer - not knowing pleasure" - a saying that there was from the Sumerians, the ancient people who inhabited Mesopotamia. It is here, between the Tigris and Euphrates, the first recipes were found, which in the seventh millennium BC brewed this drink. The process of manufacturing is almost indistinguishable from modern. From malt beer elaborated bread and bappir. The resulting mass is filtered and flavored with herbs. Drinking beer was allowed only through a reed pipe. If a person chooses a different way of consumption, his stomach will inevitably fall grain and chaff is not soluble.

The Mesopotamians owned recipe over seventy beers. The most popular are thick with sediment beer, sparkling with a moderate alcohol content and a slightly sour taste.

The Egyptians met with this drink later in 2800 BC Gradually, beer became a privilege of the poor, who believed that the art of brewing elected representatives humanity introduced Osiris god of harvest. Intoxicating liquor actively used the pyramid builders, whose diet also consisted of bread, onions and garlic. Due to the Egyptians learned about beer inhabitants of Ethiopia, Persia, Greece. China has been distributed alcoholic beverage, which served as the main ingredient rice. Hops, by the way, was in the beer in the era of the migration of peoples. Before him, to improve the taste, the spices used.

In the Middle Ages in the "beer card" were France, Germany, Belgium, where the breweries owned mostly monks. Produces special grades of liquid for the aristocracy and the lower strata of the population. The first mention of Czech beer date back to the XI century. In Russia, in the Novgorod land, it was born two centuries earlier. Nevertheless, legislators brewing in the world is considered to be Germany. In 1516 there was a law on clean drink consisting of malt, hops and water. Designations it followed the classic rules brewers still.

Standards beer

German beer purity law, which brewers held since time immemorial, in the era of technological progress has been replaced by a set of rules, called the standards and applicable to beer - low-alcohol saturated with carbon dioxide, invigorating frothy alcoholic beverage obtained by fermenting wort brewer's yeast. According to the standard three types of beer produced. Depending on the mass fraction of solids in the initial wort is divided into 8% light; 9% bright; 10% light, semi-dark; 10, 5% of the light, semi-dark; 11% light, semi-dark, dark; 11, 5% of the light, semi-dark, dark; 12% light, semi-dark, dark; 12, 5% of the light, semi-dark, dark; 13% light, semi-dark, dark; 13, 5% of the light, semi-dark, dark; 14% light, semi-dark, dark; 14, 5% of the light, semi-dark, dark.

A method of processing affects the filtering beer. Filtered is pasteurized and unpasteurized and unfiltered - clarified and unclarified.

To make beer using malt brewing barley, drinking water, hops pressed and granulated powder, unmalted grain products, barley, rice and corn grits, wheat, peas, chicory, sugar, brewer's yeast and bottom fermenting. Beer distinguished malt and hop taste bitter, semi-dark - with a touch of caramel malt. The dark beer is well highlighted a pronounced caramel flavor. It is noteworthy that for the filtered beer Shelf life ends when the alcoholic beverage becomes cloudy or there is a deposit. However, its use after the guarantee period will not cause harm to human health, if the beer is made with a clear compliance with all current standards.

Beer and health

Research carried out by leading scientists in England, Germany and Sweden show that beer - surprisingly tasty cure for many diseases. Upotreblinya this drink, you can get rid of a toothache, gastritis (drinking liquid on an empty stomach), kidney stones and liver colic. Munich Beer Institute has recently unveiled the unique ability of unfiltered beer. It displays the body of an aluminum salt, which is not under the power of other drinks, prevents the development of cancerous tumors. That's why the Japanese, whose daily diet provokes malignant tumors, so actively began to introduce the beer to its menu. Want to look younger? Drink beer! The skin of his fans look more silky. Excellent results showed the use of intoxicating beverages in cosmetology. Regular rinsing of hair after shampooing with beer get rid of dandruff and give them shine. Beer foam will also help in the fight against wrinkles and acne, increase the body's defenses. The optimal dose of consumption depends on many factors. Experts agree that to maintain all systems in good shape rate should not exceed one or two bottles a day.


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