Neubivaemy phone (8 photos)

The Journal LiveJournal user pashilo published a story about the stability of mobile phones to boil in the resin. This approach is even more radical than checking gadgets strength blender. A phone somehow survived!

We have all heard stories about phones, drowned in beer, toilet, and even in the shit.
Moreover, the process of heating the beer seen personally.
But today, covering the roof garden roofing material, I managed to drop Duos (samsung D780) into a bucket of boiling tar. Phone just fell out of my inside pocket of his jacket. I absolutely reflexively put his hand into the hot goo and threw utoplenika, with thanks to the gloves, earned only burn thumb 2 degrees.
Photo almost immediately after the action:

Provoke your curiosity, the phone is currently fully incorporated in working condition!

The report further:
To revitalize the phone by skolupyvaniya pitches he was placed in a freezer (not once). Yes, at room temperature, the resin sticks and stays on the case. Step freezing №1, consequences:

Freezing №2, Flaking screen:

Freezing №3, you can see the screen working:

Finally, the cover is removed, extracted and warm the battery:

Otterta and the front part:

So, the phone is a fully operational by ottirki cloth with gasoline.
On good, it would be necessary to disassemble, but at home, alas, there is no qualitative tool.


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