11 unforgivable mistakes: that's why your phone goes down very quickly!

Have a complicated relationship with any technique, it breaks all the time and is unpredictable in my hands. Many believe that the case in the energy of the man. But friends who are repairing sometimes my laptop or phone, be sure all problems are due to improper and careless use of...

Here's how you can use your phoneto extend its life and enjoy a good gadget! Don't make these mistakes, and your brand new smartphone will live for a long time.

How to use smartphonemate dangerous mistakes
  1. Never turn off the phone
    The device last longer, it needs to be switched off at least once a week for a while! It will be good for the battery. In addition, you will not disturb calls an hour or two, deliciously, in my opinion...

  2. To forget to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
    Turn off unnecessary functions, and the phone will last you longer! And the charge will hold longer.

  3. To use the telephone in the terrible cold
    If the temperature outside is -20 degrees Celsius, don't take out the smartphone out of your pocket! It is not designed to work in such weather conditions. Also the smartphone is not suitable and a wild heat, +30 — it is not suitable, the extreme temperature for operation of equipment.
  4. To charge the phone all night long
    If you leave the phone to charge overnight, the battery will be charged fully at 100 %. And it's bad for him! Charge your smartphone on 95-98% and it will last much longer.

  5. To charge and discharge the phone completely
    No need to wait until your device runs out of power completely to charge it! Lithium-ion batteries can best perform their functions when they are loaded on 50 — 80 %. So feel free to charge your gadget during the day!
  6. To use the fake charger
    Charging often break and get lost, so the temptation to buy cheap copies great. But don't do it! If the charger is not original, the possibility of a bad phone increases significantly. The battery will slowly die in terrible agony.

  7. Forget to clean the phone
    Keep your smartphone clean! Be sure to wipe the screen with a damp cloth, charging port and headphone Jack clear with a toothpick: can return the tithe, the fault which deteriorates the device.

  8. Keep your phone in hand while walking on the street
    It is not necessary to walk around the city, holding the phone in hand! It can be very easy to steal, and can happen more banal incident. For example, falling in a puddle! Be careful.
  9. Not to put a password on your phone
    Protecting your phone with a password, you protect your important personal data! At any time your device can use a cheater, remember that. In addition, there is a chance that stolen phone be returned, if it has a password.
  10. Do not disable the geolocation feature
    Leave it on the geolocation feature only a few, the most desired applications. So you will save battery and protect the battery from premature damage.
  11. Never disable notifications
    Push notifications- the cruel killer of the battery and the phone's screen. Don't let notifications constantly attack your gadget, and leave enabled only the most important programs!

Often people are very messy, and then wonder why the gadget starts to act up or suddenly breaks. Tell all my friends this vital information, certainly it is useful to them! The smartphone can work properly for much longer...

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