Most Expensive Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are one of the best inventions of mankind. They allow us to keep in touch with family and friends at a distance, to go online, communicate in social networks, write messages, watch videos, listen to your favorite music and more. But in today's world, the usual tube is no surprise, that's why in today's review presents 10 of the most expensive smartphones, which can allow itself not everyone.

1. The exclusive phone - Sony Ericsson Black Diamond

The world-renowned manufacturer of phones, Sony Ericsson has produced limited batch of elite called smartphones - Black Diamond. One feature of this model is that to create the appearance worked the famous designer Jaren Goh. The back panel is decorated with a large novelty expensive diamond. It is worth noting that the device runs on Windows Mobile operating system and has a pretty good stuffing: a powerful Intel XScale processor with 400 MHz, has a slot for an SD card, built-in Wi-Fi module, 128 MB of internal memory and a 2 megapixel camera. The cost of Black Diamond is as much as 300,000 US dollars.

2. Elite phone - Peter Aloisson's Nokia Arte

The world famous jeweler Peter Aloysson (Peter Aloisson) built a new luxury version of the phone under the name - Nokia Arte. Housing devaysa made of pure gold, weighing 18 carats, and it is inlaid 680 white and pink diamonds. According to its specifications, the mobile device is no different from the original model, the only and main feature is its design. Cost Nokia Arte is 134 000 US dollars.

3. The premium phone - Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

The case of this model smelted from purest gold, inlaid pretty rare black diamonds, estimated at about 46 carats. The buttons are made by hand from a single crystal sapphire. The back cover is made from an ancient African tree African blackwood, whose age is about 200 years. It should also be noted that in all the world there are only three units of the phone. The cost of Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot is $ 1 million.

4. Smart phone - iPhone Princess Plus

An outstanding jeweler Peter Aloysson (Peter Aloisson) produced an exclusive version of Apple iPhone called - Princess Plus. In terms of functionality the upgraded version of the smartphone is no different from the original that can not be said about the new design model. Housing devaysa melted white gold 18 carats, and it is decorated with 318 diamonds tiny delicious. It should be noted that each sample was performed manually. With its unmatched appearance cost mobile device, as much as 176,400 US dollars.

5. Diamond phone - JSC Ancort's Diamond Crypto Smart Phone

The Russian company has developed an exclusive model Ancort phone for very wealthy people called - Diamond Crypto Smartphone. The case of this model smelted from 950 platinum, and keys, and the company logo made of gold. The main button is decorated with a large diamond and on each side of the mobile device 50 inlaid gemstones weighing 1.2 carats. The side parts are made of black devaysa wood. This sample is equipped with a powerful processor TMS 320 VC 5416. The main feature of the device is the ability to encrypt data using the public key 256 bit. Diamond Smartphone worth about US $ 1300000.

6. Precious phone - Goldvish Le Million

The Swiss company GoldVish has created brilliant mobile phone called - GoldVish Le Million. Housing devaysa completely strewn with precious stones, weighing 120 carats, which is hidden under the base of white gold. Over the appearance of the device has worked internationally renowned designer Emmanuel Gate. The back cover is covered with high-quality crocodile skin. It should also be noted that throughout the world there are only three copies of this unit. Cost GoldVish Le Million is 1300000 USD.

7. Royal phone - Peter Aloisson's King's Button iPhone 3G

The famous Australian designer Peter Aloisson (Peter Aloisson), made the elite version of the Apple iPhone called - Kings Button. According to its specifications, this modernized smartphone is no different from the original, but the design is the main feature of the model. In place of the standard button Home, encrusted with large diamond weighing in at 6, 5 carats and headbands decorated with the mobile device 138 stunning jewels. It should also be noted that the housing devaysa made of three types of gold: red, white and yellow. Cost iPhone Kings Button is 2500000 USD.

8. Golden phone - Stuart Hughes' Goldstriker iPhone 3G Supreme

Designer Stuart Hughes company for 10 months working on a new version of the Apple Iphone individual under nazvanies - iPhone 3GS Supreme. In the manufacture of this model has been used 136 diamonds weighing 70 carats, 271 grams of gold and one large gemstone mounted instead of the usual buttons Home. Devaysa main feature is a special screen coating, thanks to which it does not leave any fingerprints. The cost of iPhone 3GS Supreme is 3,200,000 US dollars.

9. The most expensive phone in the world - Stuart Hughes' iPhone Diamond Rose Edition

The famous jeweler Stuart Hughes has made an exclusive version of the smartphone called - Diamond Rose Edition. Housing devaysa stunning diamond encrusted with 500, and is decorated with the logo 53 shiny diamonds. The back of the Furnace of gold. The main feature of this model is unusual button Home, which is made of a large pink stone weighing 7.4 carats. Also worth noting is that the kit comes another gem in 8 carat able to replace the existing button. Cost iPhone Diamond Rose Edition is US $ 8 million.

10. Unusual phone - Vertu Signature Cobra

The jeweler Boucheron has created an exclusive version of the phone called Vertu - Vertu Signature Cobra. This mobile device is made just 8 copies of its case encrusted with diamonds in the form of a cobra and 439 rubies amazing. Cost Vertu Signaturesostavlyaet 310,000 US dollars.


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