Police takes control of mobile phones

According to security officials, if the phone owner decided to sell it, he will have to present to the buyer in the lounge or on the registration certificate and a check for it, which was the first purchase of mobile. The very same transaction will be officially recorded. As the sale of the machine.

For the purchase of the tube without documents will be severely punished. So law enforcement agencies and are hoping to get rid of illegal buyers who mobiles without documents will have nowhere to put. And citizens need to store receipts and the log on his cell until they decide to resell them or throw.

As extraction, cell phones have become increasingly popular with thieves and robbers than any other consumer electronics, cars and jewelry. To seize this device, no need special qualifications - sometimes simply tear off the neck of the victim hanging on a cord phone or pull it from the holster on his belt. It is easy to hide in your pocket and is even easier to sell. No need to drag myself to the "left" studio stolen television, interrupt numbers in the opponent's car, look for jewelers dealing with clandestine trade. Phone will buy immediately and without question - the services wishing to sell a network, and completely legal, smaller salons, tents and stalls.

For addicts, eager to earn a "dose" stray banditov- "guest performers" of illegal migrants who do not want to work honestly, even for the homeless, such a system - a real gift. And for customers of cellular communication - the scourge, says Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

The most common victims of the "cell" of criminals are children, women and young people. They are safer to take away the phone, in addition, they show it more than others: a lot of calling, play computer games, take pictures. Some phones are decorated with precious metals and stones, and are not so much a means of communication, as a piece of jewelry.

Useful information from the CID - a timely submitted to the police a statement about the theft of the phone increases the probability of detection of crime by 75%.

The most rapid and reliable way - on the conversations of criminals with the stolen phone. The owner, of course, can contact the sales office, lock the SIM-card to save money remaining in the account. But then the phone search is much more difficult.

Detectives can make a recess at the operator of documents containing information about the telephone conversations. That is a printout of calls. There is one caveat - it is necessary to keep the negotiations secret protected by law. As assured in the Interior Ministry, the mystery is respected: police are not interested in the conversation, and information about incoming and outgoing calls, on which "bearing" a criminal.


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