Lake Maggiore: the gardens of my heart

If you are a traveler by nature, seen a lot, but your heart still belongs to you, I prompt a sure way to lose it. In April, go to the airport (it is desirable that the weather was preparshivaya), get on a plane to Milan and get out of there way you want to Lake Maggiore. When your eyes open foothills of the Alps over the cool waters of the lake, you will understand the meaning of an ordinary phrase "eat the eyes." And rightly so, look into my eyes: discover the land where your heart wants to stay.

Maggiore - the second largest lake in Italy, surrounded by the Alps and the famous coastal gardens. Private villas with luxurious old park, which is no less than a dozen are open to visitors from March to October. Beauty produces them strong enough impression to many generations of Italians, Swiss and Germans come back here again and again, with children and grandchildren, and was not considered an exaggeration to call the local gardens "Gardens of Italy". At the same time the Russians regular routes until it laid here, so our compatriots there are quite rare. It is a pity, because our national heritage, parks, Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Peterhof, the best way to prepare us for the local beauties.

It is best to come to this region at least for a couple of days - so you "enough breath" to see the best of the famous gardens. If you stay in Arona, fun is complete: a small town on the shore of the lake is called "the gateway to Lake Maggiore", hence easy access to all attractions. But I confess honestly, I love him not for this, and for repeatedly proven ability to induce a relaxed smile on the tired faces of my friends from Russia. Here they stop to throw out at me nervously fidgeting Moscow News, a happy surprise to look around and begin to finally relax. Hard to say, what is the secret: the town nice, but "paradise" can not say; maybe it's in the mood of the city - always gentle and cozy?

In Arona you can afford a small but productive shopping in the main shopping street; wander around just completely renovated waterfront, admiring the views of the lake and the castle on the other side, as well as small boats and yachts gliding over the calm waters of the lake; eat delicious fish in small restaurants, drink local wine and even sit in a tea room, a cup of coffee or tea with cakes. Italians generally do not share our passion to combine desserts with drinks, so this room - lucky find for the Russian people.

During a leisurely stroll along the waterfront, where the gentlemen from miles around bring their beautiful ladies on the promenade, we go to the pier. If successfully adjust to the schedule of boats, you can see three of the five parks that should definitely look at. The main thing is not to run into the typical curiosity of the Italian reality, sciopero («strike»): boats, oddly enough, are public, and all kinds of gostransporta strikes happen almost every month.

For the Russian people are all amazing. This island belongs to Borromeo family - an old aristocratic dynasty. The palace began to build in 1632, and work, as usual, were not completed by the deadline conceived and lasted for decades, in some parts even centuries. Unlike our royal palaces, recreated, and therefore are in almost perfect condition, fully furnished, royal palaces in Europe are not always able to dazzle luxury obstavnovki: Versailles even frightens our tourist empty halls. So, the Borromeo Palace - a pleasant exception to the European rule: he is in excellent condition, and sometimes even habitable, although residential part of it, of course, can not be seen.


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