15+ seas and rivers, the most unusual and beautiful flowers

Reading in a tourist brochure about the "azure waters", it is easy to be deceived: to come to the resort and discover unremarkable sea or lake. But there is light at the unique water bodies, bright colors which really surprised. Gather there - do not forget the camera and all your skill to admire the wonders of nature. It is a pity that not all colored waters you can swim.

Salt Tuz Gol - the second largest lake in Turkey. This is an industrial center (factories mined salt here), and a popular tourist destination. Travelers like to roam the lake when the summer heat the water evaporates and the landscape takes on a bizarre appearance. But before the sun will burn Ace goal, it becomes a bright red color is due to the active algal blooms. That's where the freedom for photographers! But drinking water, despite the antioxidant properties of red algae, is not recommended. The lake is protected by UNESCO as it is home to the endangered European flamingo.

In the Japanese city of Beppu many lakes and geysers, a well-known thermal resort in the country. But one body of water released from the total number of its "hellish" character: red, clouds of vapor above the surface, high (90 degrees) water temperature - evidence Neighborhood geyser and magma lies beneath them. Lake beckons and frightens: it is a tourist attraction, but it is certainly not a place to swim, so the pond is fenced zaborchikom.

Lake Five flower in Jiuzhaigou (China) makes one wonder: this hour, not computer graphics? Its color can vary and be yellow, green or bright turquoise. The depth of the large (up to 40 meters), but the water is always very clear, through her shine resting at the bottom of relict trees. It is believed that the wood entering into a chemical reaction with a variety of minerals in the composition of the water reservoir gives an unusual color, but for sure the secrets of the lake are unknown. Local residents it all a little afraid, thinking misticheskim.

We are used to represent the Baltic steel gray, but sometimes it can be severe wave bright. In the early summer in the Kaliningrad region, near the Curonian Spit blooming pine and other plants, so the water near the shore becomes a canary-yellow pollen. Unfamiliar with the natural features, tourists can even wind up taking a strange color for the release of chemicals. Do not worry, you can safely kupatsya.

Pink Lake or Lake Spencer is located in Esperance (Western Australia). His color is obliged algae content unaliella salina (algae green, but produce a color pigment carotene to protect against sunlight). Several years ago, the lake Rose suddenly became pale, much to the chagrin of local residents and tourists. But in the last year or two the water restored to its former bright okrasku.

Sasyk Salt Lake Sivash in Crimea is located to the east of Yalta. Once there was the sea, but with time formed spit turned the water in the lake. Well, its pink-red Sasyk Siwash obliged algae Dunaliella Sallina. The lake is mined sea sedimentary pink salt. You can kupatsya.

Great Blue Hole (this place is called) blackens round failure among the turquoise waters near Belize. Suddenly gloomy tropics color is due to a sharp drop depths. This place - the dream of divers and snorkellers come from all over the world, getting away from the capital of Belize on a boat or a motor boat. They want to see with my own eyes underwater caves, stalactites and stalagmites, amazing animals that live only in large glubine.

Blue Lake at Mount Gambier (South Australia) is of volcanic origin. The average depth - 72 meters. But it is well-known, of course, not the depth and color. Blue lake supplies the city of Mount Gambier drinking vodoy.

Hot springs in the Dallol (Ethiopia) due to its almost fluorescent brightness attracted a large number of tourists. Landscapes are just inoplanetnye.

Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming - the most active geothermal region in the world. Here is the largest hot spring in the United States, which is due to the color of the waters called rainbow prism. The brightness of the source provide pigmented bacteria. The banks of the pool of orange, and then - the blue-green-yellow water. The temperature at the coast - about 50 degrees, close to the center - 70, and at a depth in the depth of more than 80 degrees. Tourists come just polyubovatsya.

Caño Cristales Macarena national park in Colombia is called the most beautiful river in the world. Its waters - five colors, they have shades of yellow, blue, green, black and red. This bright Caño Cristales gets in summer when algae bloom numerous. Fish in the river is not found, but the man can dive, water is very clean and prozrachnaya.

Spotted Lake or Spotted Lake is located in Canada, near the town of Osoyoos, near the border with the United States. The lake water is rich in various minerals, and has the world's largest concentration of magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt), calcium and sodium, as well as silver and titanium. In the hot summer, the evaporation of water on the surface of the lake formed by a plurality of spots of unusual shape, which, depending on weather conditions, can be painted in different shades. At the same minerals are exposed islands covered with a solid crust, you can walk on. Lake waters have curative effekt.

Rio Tinto - a river in southwestern Spain, in Andalusia region. In its upper reaches three thousand years it conducted mining operations, which leads to high Occupational copper and iron in the water. The high acidity of the water makes the river unsuitable for swimming or even dangerous for people, but Rio Tinto is very interested scientists and fotografov.

Kelimutu - a volcano on the Indonesian island of Flores. Because of the three crater lakes, each a different color, Kelimutu is a popular tourist attraction. Three lakes, which are dissolved in various minerals, for several years change their color from black to cyan, reddish-brown or green. Lake in the west of the volcano called Tivu-Ata Mboup ("Lake of the elderly"), the other two are called Tivu-LSA-Muri Koog-Tai ("Lake Boys and Girls") and Tivu Ata Polo ("Enchanted Lake"). Locals from the village of Moni, located at the foot of the volcano, believe that the souls of the dead go to the lake and change their colors mean they razgnevany.


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