Unique tri-colored lake in the crater of the volcano Kelimutu

Kelimutu volcano - a mystical place is lost in the ocean on the island of Flores, which is rarely visited by tourists because of its remoteness and underdeveloped tourism infrastructure. Still in the sky, flying over Flores, you can see a bright turquoise spot that stands out against the dark greenery covering the island. This is one of the three crater lakes Kelimutu, which are closely intertwined legends and beliefs of local residents.

Lake Kelimutu volcano located in the island of Flores (height 1639 m.), Which belongs to the Eastern Indonesian Lesser Sunda Islands. The volcano last erupted in 1968, after which no signs of activity. After the eruption of magma formed in depressions, Kolder, in which water from precipitation forms three lakes.

What is the famous Lake Kelimutu? Not even the fact that they are colorful, and the fact that the lake is constantly changing color. For example, the black lake a few years becomes turquoise, then red, then green. This variability is explained by the presence of dissolved minerals in the water of different nature. Chemical reactions between them and lead to dynamic multicolored Kelimutu. Green - is sulfuric and hydrochloric acid, red - the result of the reaction of hydrogen sulfide with iron, although in recent years the water of the lake gets dark red, and now has become almost black. As can be seen from the photos, the two lakes are within just a few meters, and yet their depth contain various minerals, respectively, and they themselves are painted in different colors.

Representatives of the local tribe Lio tell the legend of Kelimutu. According to this legend, the lake in the souls of the dead. In Red Lake souls of old men in green - young souls, and white - the souls of children. In another embodiment, a red lake fall sinners and murderers, in green - youth, turquoise - the elderly and the righteous. Hard for Europeans to understand the philosophy of Leo tribe, though they easily distribute soul and even claim that the color change indicates that the spirits that live in lakes, angry.

The official name of the lake are: in the west of the volcano (at a distance from each other) - Tivu-Ata Mboup (Lake elderly), the other two - Tivu-Nua Muri-Koog-Tai (Lake boys and girls) and Tivu-Ata Polo ( enchanted lake).

Flores residents believe that the souls of dead people fall into the lake. Old soul who lived life with dignity go to the lake, which is calm and deep dark green color, it is called the Lake of the elderly. The souls of innocent young people go into the lake rocking bright turquoise, which is called the Lake of boys and girls. But the souls of the villains go into the lake of dark brown color, which is called the Lake of evil souls. Lake boys and girls and Lake evil souls have a common wall of the crater, which symbolizes the fine line between innocence and evil. Lake Old Men is a little bit away and symbolizes the wisdom that comes with age. Locals say that if you live of angry spirits of the dead, the lake will change its color. Very often changes color lake boys and girls, they say that in the last twenty five years, the lake changes its color twelve times.

Of course, scientists have an explanation to the phenomenon Kelimutu, they argue that the lake is rich in special minerals that change color depending on the environmental conditions and underground activity. But Flores residents still tend to stick to their point of view and most of the travelers who come here share the beliefs of the inhabitants. Here, indeed, a special mystical atmosphere and the feeling of absolute peace and quiet that makes you lower his voice, to slow down and think about eternity ...

Admire the magnificent views of the lakes Kelimutu best with the top of the volcano Kelimutu (1690 meters above sea level). Way to the top is not difficult and takes about 2 hours. To get to the foot of Kelimutu easiest way from the village of Moni, which is just a few kilometers from the volcano. By Kelimutu can also go with Labuanbadzho or Maumere. This trip will take all day and will be worth at least $ 100, including transportation, driver, guide and entrance fee to the National Park Kelimutu.

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