12 examples of onomatopoeia from around the world

Onomatopoeia - this is onomatopoeia, or rather words that sound like noise. In this case, the words do not reproduce exactly the noise, but everyone knows what it is we're shumim.

Korea - "Chick Chick POK POK

This is nothing like the sound of the train. In Britain, for example, to describe the sound of the train using "Chuck Chuck Chu Chu", Koreans also use a "snip snip pok pok", and we did, "tuduh tuduh." All these onomatopoeia emulate the sound of train wheels knocking while driving.

German - Mamfe Mamfe

The sound of chewing. This is similar to the English "Nom Nom", but somehow "in slobber." At us it is "yum yum"

Russian - HAV HAV

Dog barking. English dogs "say" "VUV VUV." And we still have "tyaf tyaf" is barking little dogs.

Japanese - Paci Paci

The sound of a crackling fire. "Paci Paci", by the way, really like the crackling wood fire. By the way, "Patxi" in Japan is used for almost everything that is connected with a bang. It is also used to describe the claps, the sound of popcorn appearance, sound, when the balloon bursts and crackling ice.

French - Poh Pschi

Snoring - wheezing during sleep in England "ZZZZZ", in France "Poh Pschi" we "Hrrrr Pffff." Unlike the British we have simulated the French and inhale and exhale.

Thai - suaan saeh haeh ha

Fun. It means something like: "Wow! Gr8! Yayayayappi! Ha ha! "And describes sounds universal rejoicing crowd. It seems we have no such?

Latin - Tux taxes

Strikes, whipping. In the play, the Persians, one of the earliest surviving works in Latin, it is this text have been described sounds whipping hero.

Georgian - ghryutu ghryutu

Grunting pig. In Georgia, the pig grunt sounds tougher than our "oink oink".

Latvian - blyuks

Bursting bubble is also often used in the clapping of hands, Fireworks explosions and other sharp and short sounds.

Vietnamese - hot hot ho hai

Sound emitting process when a person is choking. Probably appeared during the war, because it's hard to imagine how this could have imagined. This simulates the sound of heavy breathing, and is used when something is done in a hurry.

Kinyarwanda - shishishishishi

Shiver from the cold. Kinyarwanda - the language of Rwanda. It is described as voiced condition where a person is frozen, not our usual "brrrr"

Finnish - kakattaa

Evil laugh. In addition to this evil laughter is the mocking laughter of "kikattaa" (giggling) hekottaa (laughter) and hihittaa (laugh).

Source: muz4in.net


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