Kelimutu volcano, three coloured lakes

Kelimutu volcano, close small town Moni около50 KMK East of ende, Indonesia in Central Flores island in Indonesia. The volcano, located approximately in the middle of the Indonesian island of Flores, is perhaps the main attraction of the island. The main feature of volcano three lakes in the craters that is constantly changing color.

Kelimutu volcano rises на1639 metronid sea level. Its last eruption was over forty years ago. According to legend, locals when someone dies, it rises to the crater and disappears in the depths of the lakes. The darker the lake, the stronger the displeasure of the dead. All three lakes have unusual names: the lake of old people, lake of boys and girls, as well as the magic lake. In fact, the ponds is rich in various minerals, which leads to a constant change of color of the water. The color can be from black to red-brown and turquoise to deep green.

In the early days of the development of the local national Park in the kelimutu area, there were some disputes with local communities over use of resources. Recently, foresters worked to develop the best relationships with a number of rural communities and the overall management has improved.

Kelimutu is one of the mountains in the list Riboud in Indonesia which are mountains in Indonesia which are more than 1000 meters.

Region, as they say, began to draw attention after he noticed a regional Dutch military commander, B. van Suchtelen in 1915 and became more well-known after Y. Bauman wrote about the site in 1929.

The closest airports are Maumere, Ende a. There are regular flights to Maumere from Bali. The drive from Maumere to Moni, the town at the base of kelimutu where accommodation is available, takes about 3 hours.

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