10 amazing lakes to swim in which it is possible only 1 time

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Clean clear water, light wind, a feeling of serenity and peace. But if you look deeper?

The website looked, and are you ready?

1. Lake monster: the Brosno (Russia, Tverskaya region)

Local people often see in their lake ancient lizard. Scientists tried to help them and look scary "Presnenskoe monster", but all in vain. What the hell is going on? Thus, the decomposition processes at the bottom cause the formation of bubbles of carbon dioxide. These bubbles can easily flip a small boat. And fear... well, it's really easy to confuse with the attack of a monster.

2. Lake Hillier (Australia)

Do you believe your eyes? Pink, eucalyptus forests and no scary monsters. Not terribly well-whether it's the spectacle?

Science explains: the pink color of the water gives the saltwater Alga Dunaliella.

3. Acid lake kawah Ijen (Indonesia)

Meet in front of you is the most acidic lake in the world. Delicate turquoise color of water, 200 °C at depth, a deadly asphyxiating gases methane, in addition mysteriously glowing a bright blue color at night. But despite all this, the locals manage to gather on the banks of sulphur, even without putting on protective masks.

4. Sudden lake Gafsa (Tunisia)

The strangest thing about this lake is its sudden appearance in the middle of a dry desert. Scientists believe that the pond was formed as a result of seismic activity, however, how this could happen so quickly is still unclear.

5. Lake-water boiler: Boiling lake (Dominican Republic)

The lake is literally boiling! The water temperature is 92 °C. to Swim in the pond is strictly prohibited, if you don't want to boil alive. From the scientific side, everything is easily explained: the lake lies in the crater of the volcano and is constantly heated.

6. Lake killer Nyos (Cameroon)

The lake, which ruined the lives of 1 746. 21 August 1985 in the surrounding area of NRENs came a cloud of suffocating gas, which kills everything alive. As researchers found, were to blame for the volcano, located in the lake: the water supply was carbon dioxide rising to the surface and spreading a cloud everywhere.

Before you go swimming, be sure to find out what's under there.

7. The surprise at the bottom of lake Michigan (USA)

At first glance, the lake looks charmingly attractive. Nice color of the water, no monsters, and other horrors. But the catch, as always, under water. This spontaneously occurring strong currents that carry people away from shore. And in the autumn on the lake appear high waves like in the ocean.

8. Roopkund, or the Lake of skeletons (the Himalayas)

The remains of 200 people who died a strange death, lay at the bottom of this lake for nearly 11 centuries, until they found the British troops in 1942. What happened simultaneously with 200 people? The solution was simple: death hail the size of a cricket ball (7 cm in diameter).

9. Lake-explosives: Kivu (between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda)

Kivu is one of the most dangerous lakes on the planet. Any volcanic activity or even a slight earthquake, and the lake will instantly explode! Destroyed the lives of 2 million people living nearby. All business in the big layers of carbon dioxide and a huge amount of methane in the composition of the water.

10. The lake Natron (Tanzania) turns to stone all living things

And finally, perhaps the worst lake in the world — Natron. That only is the bright red color of the water, but that's not all. The lake transforms all life in the statue — the mummified victims on the banks, frozen forever in the most natural poses. Science explains it: hydrogen and alkali facilitate the excretion of salt and lime, which does not allow the organisms to decompose.

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