Kids outside the cell

Singapore Zoo - one of those that are constructed according to the concept of "open space". What is really there, "Babes in the cage": the animals are kept in conditions as close to nature, so that they feel great and happy breed. Visible barriers between guests and residents of the zoo there: barrier trenches are - with or without - camouflaged with bushes and flowers.

The zoo occupies 28 hectares of forest land and is managed by an organization Wildlife Reserves Singapore, which also owns the nearby park Night Safari (you can trace those nocturnal) and Bird Park in Jurong.

Since 1973, the zoo is home to more than 315 animal species, 16% are threatened by annihilation. The Singapore Zoo is conducted scientific work. For the sake of obtaining new knowledge, researchers have to take a risk: for example, a primatologist lived in a cage with 18 orangutans for six months, studying their behavior and communication features.

Every year come here 1, 4 million, because the zoo has all the conditions for people to get the maximum information about the animals without disturbing them. Recently zoo management provided an opportunity to learn more about the animals for people with visual impairments: next to the information signs were duplicates, made using the International Braille alphabet, and next to the aviary - a stuffed animal.

Now in 2530 the zoo animals, including human genetic neighbors - apes and pigs.


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