5 Golden rules of nutrition academician B. V. Bolotov

Academician Boris Bolotov created a system of healing the body, based on the claim that by increasing the body to produce certain chemicals we can achieve the replacement of old cells with new, will allow to acquire biological youth, to achieve replacement of diseased cells to healthy tissue and restore internal organs.

"However, without replacing the cell leader you can be healthy and live long enough. For this we need to know and follow the five rules of the quintessence /fifth Latin — five/. This issue is devoted to one of the parts of the book, "Immortality is real." The quintessence of effective always and everywhere, in Chernobyl or elsewhere. No matter: if you're sick, if irradiated, hurt you doctors — the essence of working well always, as always, the law of universal gravitation of Newton. The quintessence allows the person to maintain their health at the appropriate level.So, what are these five rules of quintessence?

The FIRST RULE is to increase the number of young cellsthe Body is made up of functioning cells and connective tissues. The cell continuously divides, and gradually the people of the new age. Thirty years ago I built a device that allowed me to determine the number of old and young cells on a given area of skin. On the test area of the skin is directed a thin ray of light spectrum which is compared with the spectrum of the reflected light.

In addition, the portions of light quantales time and the measurement time delay portions of the world. As it was established after the study of the reflected light, the spectral and in time the young cells were more energetic and easily distinguished by the device.

The old cells delayed the light for long time period and reflects the light with a significantly changed spectrum. In addition, there were lines characteristic of sugar, creatinine and other blood components that are not characteristic of young skin. The intensity of the reflected light and the characteristic features of the spectrum for a man was approximately established that in the age of one year old cells do not exceed 1%. At the age of ten the average number of old cells is in the range of 7-10%. In 50 years, which increases to 40-50%

The first rule is to increase the number of young cells relative to the number of old cells. Effective method of rejuvenating is to remove /destroy, splitting/ old cells with reduced vital function, a place which should be occupied by young.

To help the body to replace the obsolete, you must call the release of enzymes-pepinov in the stomach. With this goal in 30 minutes after a meal which is already partly subjected to digestion due to the separated enzymes at the tip of the tongue need to take about grams of salt for a few minutes and then swallow the salty saliva. Such a small amount of salt is not able to exert harmful effects on the body. On the contrary, in this case such a procedure is extremely useful. The ancient Greeks suggested eating after the speck to suck salt in the mouth, and we claim that salt is "white death". It turns out that the salt liberally reflex starts to stand out gastric juice, which contains all the necessary elements for splitting long-standing cells.
Gastric juices into the blood, break down not only practically all the old weak cells, and cells are damaged, for example, nitrates, carcinogenic substances, free radicals and various poisons, salts of heavy metals and radionuclides/. Pepsin-like blood substances dissolve /break down/ also cancer cells, and cells of pathogenic organisms. Pepsin-like substances are not only dissolved their own young cells.
Rejuvenation of cell colonies can be produced by many techniques. In ancient times for rejuvenation recommended to eatthe plants of the family young or other plants that can cause stimulation of allocation of gastric juice. Such plants include cleft cabbage, sorrel, plantain, dill, fennel, trifol', ordinary cabbage, nettle, clover, seaweed, Siberian ginseng, Golden root, lemongrass, leuzea, aralia, ginseng, etc., only about 100 plants.How to use the plants?
The recipe is simple:
1. 1 gram of salt to put on the tongue for several minutes and salty drool to swallow. Procedure can be done after every meal and after an hour of eating. During the day you can repeat the procedure from 1 to 10 times. Can eating salted vegetables and even fruits. And to add salt /add some salt/ need and watermelons, and the melons, and cheese, and butter. While vegetable oil is preferably temporarily not to eat.
2.After eating it is advisable to eat one or two teaspoons of seaweed or a small piece of pickled herring.
3.During meals it is advisable eat mostly pickled vegetables and fruits. Soup is better to cook sauerkraut with the addition of pickled beets, pickled carrots, pickled onions, etc. plants from the family of the young are also better booze. You have to fill a three-liter jar plant /for example, young/, put a teaspoon of salt and 0.5 grams of yeast and let it sour for a few days. Then you can use one tablespoon during meals.
These recipes contribute to the increase in blood pepsin-like substances, which is extremely important for rejuvenation and healing
Doctors sometimes prescribed to patients receiving gastric animals such as dogs, pigs, cows/. But people are neither dogs nor pigs nor the cows, and so the digestive juices of these animals to humans is not suitable, In the best case it is possible to use hydrochloric acid, since it, like salt, increases gastric juices and, of course, pepsin-like substances in the blood. It should be noted here that the use of hydrochloric acid is about from 0.1 to 0.3%/ contributes to the rapid resorption of polyps in the gastrointestinal tract, healing of hemorrhoids and a substantial improvement of the entire gastrointestinal tract.
To stimulate its own gastric juices also use spicy seasonings and bitterness pepper, mustard, adjika, horseradish, radish, coriander, cumin, cinnamon, mint, etc.

The SECOND RULE — the transformation of toxins in the saltIn the body accumulates a lot of salts not only in the kidneys, bladder, gallbladder, but in the connective tissues and bones. Especially dangerous for the life of the waste products that arise as a result of oxidative processes in the body. Indeed, oxygen contact exposed almost without exception the cells of the body, and all parts of the connective tissue. In this regard, a useful oxidation processes are always accompanied by harmful oxidative processes. Such processes lead to acidification of the connective tissues and turn them into slag.
To rid the body of toxins, which make the connective tissue is fragile and the slightest shock is observed bruising, bleeding, etc., necessary for the toxins to affect acids.

In other words, in the body, you have to make acid, which would be, on the one hand, safe for the body, and on the other hand, they were able to dissolve the toxins, turning them into salt.

These acids were substances that are formed as a result of, again, activity of microorganisms of animal origin in acidic medium. The fermentation process of these cells in an oxygen environment forms the acetic acid, or enzymes, among which may be ordinary vinegar, Sssoon. An amazing property of nature, in which oxygen, on the one hand, leads to the formation of slag, and, on the other hand, starts the mechanism of fermentation products which can dissolve these waste products, turning them into salt.
Thus, understanding the role of acids, which are formed by oxygen fermentation of cells of animal origin, it is possible to recommend to use such acids contained in various fruit and vegetable pickles in the form of ascorbic acid, palmitic, nicotine, stearic, citric, lactic, etc.

It applies not only pickling cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, beets, carrots, onions, garlic, pickled apples, etc.

Of course, fruit vinegars are also applicable when dealing with the slag. However, we must remember that... "the deer eat reindeer moss, and a camel — camel thorn". In other words, every human organ is designed to use its acid. Fruit vinegars is desirable to use with sour milk. For this it is convenient to enter the tea /sometimes dining/ spoon in a glass of sour milk with the addition of a teaspoon of honey.

By eating sour foods and vinegar, kvass, enzymes it is advisable not to consume vegetable oils, which have potent choleretic properties and significantly slow down the processes of transformation in salt slag.
Formed by the salt in the use of acids, partially excreted with urine and partly remains in the body. Knowing this, it is necessary to take care of the removal of insoluble salts by the body. This will make the subject of the third essences, i.e. the third rule.

The THIRD RULE — the excretion of saltby Analyzing salt, which are formed in the body, it is possible to notice that, despite their great variety, however, salts are mineral and organic, alkaline and acidic, soluble in water and insoluble in it. We will only be concerned with such salt from the body are not displayed. Observations show that dissolved salts are usually alkaline, mineral, fatty type urate, phosphate, oxalate.
To dissolve the salts referred to are the principle of "Like dissolves like". For example, in the kerosene dissolves all mineral-oil and grease, and diesel fuel, and vaseline, and paraffin, and fuel oil. Soluble in alcohols all alcohols: glycerol and sorbitol, and xylitol, etc.
Knowing this principle, it is possible to successfully apply for the dissolution of alkaline salts in the body. Naturally, to dissolve alkaline salts needed in the body to also introduce alkali, but safe for the human body. Such safe alkaline substances proved Navara certain plants or juices.

For example, tea made from the roots of sunflower dissolves many salts in the body. To do this, in the autumn accumulate thick parts of roots, cutting off the hairy roots, wash them and dry in the usual way. Before use, the root is crushed into small pieces of a size of a bean and boil in the enameled kettle recipe: 3 liters of water to give about 1 Cup of the roots. All boil for about 1-2 minutes.

Tea to drink for 2-3 days. Then these same roots boil again, but five minutes in the same volume of water and also this amount of tea drunk for two or three days. Then a third time, boil the same roots in the same water volume, but 10-15 minutes and drink for two or three days. When you have finished drinking the tea with the first portion, it is necessary to proceed to the next and so on.
Tea from the roots of sunflower drink large doses for months and even more. While sbli start to appear only after two weeks go to until the urine is clear as water, and it will not precipitate a suspension of salts. If you collect the urine by sedimentation salts, their adult sometimes goes up to 2-3 pounds.Naturally, when drinking tea from a sunflower can't eat spicy food, salty /for example, herring and vinegars. Food should be pleasantly salty but not sour and mostly vegetable.
Well dissolved and teas from knotweed, horsetail, watermelon peels, pumpkin tails, bearberry, marsh cinquefoil.
For the dissolution of salts often use the juices of certain plants. For example, the black radish juice well dissolves minerals in the bile ducts and gall bladder.This juice dissolves and other mineral salts deposited in vessels, renal pelvis, urinary bladder.

This is such a recipe: take 10 kg of tubers black radish tubers free from small roots, wash them and, without peeling, prepare the juice from them. Juice makes about 3 liters, the rest is cake. Juice stored in the fridge, and the meal mixed with honey in proportion 1 kg of oilcakes give 300 g of honey. Everything is kept warm in banks, under pressure to plesnila,
Juice start drinking one teaspoon an hour after eating. If liver pain will not be felt, the dose can be sequentially increased to a tablespoon, to two and eventually to 0.5 cups. We must remember that the juice of black radish is a strong choleretic product. If the bile ducts contain a lot of salts /minerals/, the passage of this bile is difficult. And the person feels pain in the liver.

In this case, when the pain is significant, it is necessary in the region of the liver to make the water warmer. If the pain is tolerable, then the procedure continues until, until the juice black radish is not over. Usually the pain is felt only at the beginning of the procedures. Then everything is back to normal. Salts go unnoticed, but the effect of removal of salts is enormous.
By conducting this procedure, you must follow a bland diet, avoid spicy and acidic foods, but only for the period of consumption of juice, When the juice runs out, you must consume oil cakes, which by that time it will turn sour. Eating cake while eating 1-3 tablespoons for the entire time until the end. This procedure is important to strengthen the body, especially lung tissue and the entire cardiovascular system,
Salts amenable to dissolution and juices of other plants, for example, the juice of the roots of parsley, horseradish juice, leaves mother and stepmother, chicory, turnips.

Dissolved salts also and bile of birds. Indeed, it has long been observed that, for example, chickens eat pebbles, Many suggested that they do it supposedly for grinding food. However, the chickens peck at the stones for the formation of the egg shell, and dissolves these stones are the bile that accumulates in birds the liver. It turned out that the bile of the chicken perfectly dissolves mineralization not only of the bile ducts. It dissolves salts almost anywhere, but the bile should be used with caution and under medical supervision. This bile is placed in special gelatin capsules, which are commonly used for consumption of bitter pills.

Sometimes the bile is used in bread balls. To do this, the bread crumb make small balls the size of a hazelnut to make them little dimples and introduce a few drops of bile, and then immure. Swallow two to five balls at a time. Doing it after eating 30-50 minutes. The treatment usually takes 5-10 gallbladder, respectively, taken from the same number of chickens. The bile stored in special plastic container in the fridge.
The same properties has also the duck, goose and Turkey bile. Remember that the maximum dose of bile should not exceed 20-50 drops.

The FOURTH RULE — the fight against pathogenic bacteriathe Struggle against pathogenic bacteria is based on the principle of parity. It's no accident that humans and animals two eyes, two ears, two lung, two kidneys, two brain, two hemispheres/ two arms, two legs, two body digestion /stomach and duodenum/, two of the hematopoietic system /system with the red blood and the lymph system/ and so on.

The principle of parity covers all of biology to the cellular level. This principle States that despite the huge variety of cells, in any case, the cells differ from each other in their life. So, in my opinion, the cells can be of vegetable or animal origin, abbreviated PKK and PCC.

The first type of cells is due to the process of photosynthesis, and the second type of cell — processes, as I called, betta-synthesis. As photosynthesis and betta-synthesis, in my experience, are nuclear processes, but with small energy exchange /the order of fractions of MeV/. Both phenomena are based on a synthesis of emissivity of hot bodies. it is Known that any heated body, and especially gases, emit mainly photons and electrons. Photons are the primary source of energy in photosynthesis, and the electrons — when betta-synthesis. Photosynthesis, i.e. photonuclear process results in transformation of nitrogen / no/ oxygen and carbon. The oxygen is released into the environment and energy in the form of electrons.
When betta-synthesis electrons affect the protoplasm of hemoglobin, and it is also included in the nuclear reaction of nitrogen, but the oxygen released is used by cells for the production of acidic amino acids, sugars, proteins, fats, etc.
When photosynthesis is formed predominantly alkaline substances, such as alkaloids, vegetable fats, sugar, proteins and other substances having predominantly alkaline in nature.

Thus, thanks to the Sun, which emits only two existing flux /photons and electrons/, appeared on Earth life is only of two types:

a) life plant /flora/

b) animal life /fauna/

Realizing that life is simple — the single cell is only possible in two variants, it is reasonable to answer the important question: what type of cell is pathogenic system cells? This question is not everyone can now answer. I believe that all disease-causing cells to animal cells are to cells of plant origin, and all disease-causing cells for cells of plant origin are cells of animal origin. In other words, a person or animal may suffer only from plant cells.Cancer cells are also cells of plant origin.For example, for the recovery of the spleen has been fed human sour plant called connected, today this plant is oats.


For the treatment of liver kvass peas, beans, soy, beans, lentils, clover, lupine, sweet clover, Japanese Satoru.

RULE five — the recovery weakened organsthe Fifth rule is based on the principle of indifference. I will explain what is the principle of indifference.
If you pay attention to the orbit of rotation, for example. The moon over the Earth, note that this orbit is not a determining factor in their interaction. Indeed, the Moon can stably be rotated around any orbit, without feeling any impact to other orbits.In other words, for a pair of planets the Moon the Earth does not exist exactly given orbit, i.e., their movement in space can be considered indifferent.

Without dwelling on detailed explanations of the principle of indifference, we can briefly say that all the elements of any system can be in an indifferent state of equilibrium. This is also true for biological objects. Indeed, if part of the cellular tissue of the kidneys will die for any reason, they will not be restored.

The kidney will not cope with their work, and the body will not protected against cell degradation products. People with this excessive sweating, it often increases pressure and headache. The body itself is not able to emerge from critical status because it from the point of view of nature it is indifferent. Not only indifferent to the person. Therefore, the disease of the body due to kidney failure can be cured by special methods, and, of course, not medicines, because there are no medications that can increase the production of cellular tissues in a given interval of time." published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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