Stars "Terminator": Then and Now

"Terminator: Genesis" has already started in our cinemas. Arnold Schwarzenegger is back, as promised. But of all the stars of the franchise he's the only one who is involved in the fifth movie. In the picture Alan Taylor Sarah Connor and her son John Kyle Reese play different new people.

But what happened to those who became famous for roles in the first two (which must be confessed, is still the best) "Terminator"? From the date of the first film James Cameron has been more than 30 years (and 25 years - since the publication of the second), and the fate of the actors have developed differently.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

1. Then: Schwarzenegger played the title role in three films is the Terminator - a cyborg with human skin and endoskeleton T-800, a time-traveling. Before the first film in 1984 was the star of the Austrian "Conan the Barbarian" and a multiple winner of the Mr. Universe contest.

2. Now: After the "Terminator" Arnie has become one of the major action stars in Hollywood history. He played in such hits video clubs militants "Commando," "Predator," "Running Man," "Total Recall" and the comedy "Kindergarten Cop" and "Junior." After working for eight years governor of California, 67-year-old Schwarzenegger back to the big leagues acting. In the last couple of years he has not only plenty parasitize on past glories ("Return of the Hero", "escape plan", "Sabotage" sequel "The Expendables"), but also went into a modest indie, playing a zombie drama "Maggie." < br />
Linda Hamilton

3. Then: Before that, nobody knew Hamilton became famous all over the world, playing Sarah Connor in the first "Terminator." She also repeated her role in the second film six years later, but it has had a very different character - terrified waitress took place inflated warrior and part-patient psychiatric hospital.

4. Who: She could not really cash in on the fame, which brought her "Terminator" (not counting expensive divorce from James Cameron), but she continued her career, with varying success acting in movies and on television. For example, she played Katherine Chandler fantasy series "Beauty and the Beast", and in 1995 even earned a nomination for the "Golden Globe" for his role in the television movie "The Parent prayer." Among her recent works - the series' Call of Blood "and" Call ».

Michael Biehn

5. Then the 28-year-old Bean in the first film played Kyle Reese, John Connor is sent back in time to protect the mother from his T-800. And at the same time and became his, John's father. Before that Bean was not notable roles.

6. Now: He, unlike many of the stars of the franchise, managed to build a relatively successful career as a character actor in the wake of "Terminator." Bean played the role in "Alien", "abyss", "Rock", "stop time", "Planet of fear" and many other films. In recent years, he did and moved in the direction, to make a film "blood ties" and "Sacrifice».

Edward Furlong

7. Then: Young Furlong in 13 years played John Connor in the second "Terminator" - it was his first role early fame and obviously not the guy went to the benefit.

8. Who: roles in "Little Odessa," "American History X" and "Detroit - the city of rock" were promising, but indicative battle with alcoholism, stagnation in Rehab and arrests on charges of domestic violence are several ruined career of the young actor. Now the 37-year-old in the Furlong plays a low-budget "behah" like "King of the Zombies" and "Seam". One of his last roles - in the film "Assault on Wall Street" by Uwe Boll.

Robert Patrick

9. Then: In the second "Terminator" Patrick played invincible cyborg from the liquid metal T-1000, sent back in time to kill John Connor. Before that, he had to appear in prominent roles in the sequel to "Die Hard».

10. Now: Initially bogged down in a martial arts film, maturity Patrick successfully scrambled, and now his career - slim and secure. In the past 10 years, he has appeared in films such as "Walk the Line," "We - one team", "Stare at Goats," "Access code" Cape Town "", "Gangster Squad," and many others. He also played roles in various TV series, from "The X-Files" to "From Dusk Till Dawn." Rumor has it that in the fifth "Terminator" Patrick will be in honor cameo (not in the form of T-1000).

Joe Morton

11. Then: Morton has played an important role of Miles Dyson - Scientists from the company Cyberdyne, which is based on fragments of the T-800 has created a new technology that led to the emergence of Skynet. That's it so wanted to kill Sarah in the second film.

12.Seychas: Despite a nomination for the award "Tony" and 70 roles in films (including "Dragonfly," "Speed," "What Lies Beneath," "Payback," "Apt Pupil" and "Gangster"), and up to, and after the "Terminator" Morton played incessantly on TV. In recent years, he appeared in the TV series "House," "Eureka", "white collar", "Proper wife." Last year, he even received the "Emmy" for a guest role in a dramatic TV show "Scandal".


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