Interesting facts about the movie "The Shawshank Redemption"

The film "The Shawshank Redemption", according to many critics and ordinary viewers, is one of the best films. This year expired in '21 after the film's release, and in connection with this event, we would like to tell you 25 facts about this drama, which you did not know before.

1. It is the favorite movie actor Morgan Freeman with his participation.

2. The scene of the first meeting Andy and Red's in the prison yard shot 9:00 straight. All this time, Morgan Freeman threw a baseball and never complained about it. The next day he came to the set with a fully rewound hand.

3. Pictures of young Reda, who were attached to the documents for early release, in fact, the youngest son of photos Morgan Freeman Alfonso Freeman. He also had a small role in the film, a boy sells fish (he shouts "Fresh fish! Fresh fish!»)

4. In the scene where Andy was first included in the library as assistant to Brooks, there sits a raven Brooks named Jake. At this point, Tim Robbins had to say a replica, "Hey, Jake, where Brooks?", And do it in the interval between the crows. To do this, the actor had long studied the behavior of the birds. You can see how closely Tim Robbins looks at the bird and carefully selects the tempo of the phrase.

5. Despite the fact that the film fared well at the box office, he still remains the most popular film of all time, taking in the box to view the house.

6. Stephen King sold the rights to his novel for US $ 5,000. He never cashed the check. A few years after the film's release, he put it in a frame and sent to the director Frank Darabont with a note: "If you ever need money. With love. Steve. ».

7. On the role of Red's considered Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Paul Newman and Robert Redford. In the novel, Red - a middle-aged Irishman, with red hair streaked with gray. In spite of this, the director has always seen this as Morgan Freeman for his authoritative appearance, behavior, and deep voice.

8. Tom Hanks, Kevin Costner, Tom Cruise, Nicolas Cage, Johnny Depp and Charlie Shinver considered for the role of Andy Dufresne. Tom Hanks refused to participate because he was busy in the movie "Forrest Gump" (1994), Costner really liked the script, but he also was taken to the shooting of the "Water world».

9. Kevin Costner always spoke and wrote later that what he gave up that role, has always been his biggest mistake in the movie.

10. Actor Clancy Brown received a lot of offers from real correctional officers for advice about how to make its role more real. But he rejected all the offers because he believed that his role shows jailers bad and he did not want to make it more realistic, and it was.

11. Although it is not mentioned in the film, but Brooks was in prison for the murder of his wife and daughter after losing poker.

12. Directed by Frank Darabont every Sunday watched the movie "Good guys" to gain inspiration for filming. Hence, he also borrowed the voiceover, and life changes over time.

13. The role of Tommy was designed by Brad Pitt, who instead took up the role in "Interview with the Vampire».

14. Raquel Welch, whose posters have played a very important role in history - a huge fan of the movie

15. The American Humanist Association carefully watching a movie scene in which Brooks crow larva feeds, decided that it was the scene of violence. She demanded that the scene was used in the larva that has died a natural way and thus it was peresnyata. After this the larva was found shot removed again.

16. Initially, the film was considered a failure because grossed just $ 18 million. After he was nominated for an Oscar, he has earned an additional 10 million, which, incidentally, is not much changed the course of events, as the film's budget was $ 25 million.

17. The prison, which held shooting Penal Colony Ohio, is now used as a museum. Since it was designed for demolition, the set of objects and look shabby and destroyed. Including tonel in which Andy left the prison - a real pipe in prison.

18. Many local people wanted to take part in the shooting, but they could not do that because of their permanent employment in various companies, which of course is not suited for the shooting of the prison yard. In the extras were recruited from a local rehabilitation center, many of them really were in prison.

19. At the end of the film has a dedication Allen Greene. He was an agent of Frank Darabont and his personal friend. He died to the completion of filming due to complications caused by the AIDS virus.

20. One of the reasons that the film is not named as the original novel "Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption," was the fact that in Hollywood were completely sure about her withdraw a separate biopic. Frank Darabont even received offers from some of the actresses and super models who would like to play this role.

21. In 1949, the beer bottles with the lid open, as shown in the film.

22. The Finnish name of the movie «Rita Hayworth - Avain pakoon», which literally translates as "Rita Hayworth - the key to freedom." Agree a great spoiler!

23. Voiceover for the film was written by Morgan Freeman in just 40 minutes at a studio in Iowa. His set at the time of the shooting, to ensure the desired effect. But since the local sound engineers made a series of errors in processing, then later I had to re-record in the studio in Los Angeles. This time it took three weeks.

24. Major footage hands Andy, at the moment where it charges a revolver and carved his name on a wall in the prison (twice in the film), is actually directed by Frank Darabont hands. He believed that only he can do it right at the large frame.

25. In Hungary, the film was released in rent under the name of "Prisoners of Hope" in Norway "Rain freedom" in Mexico, "Dreams of escape" in Romania "prison of angels." But the coolest yet arrived in Taiwan. The film was released in rent under the name "1995: Science Fiction."


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