The most famous jailbreak (3 photos)

It is a pity that only 3, but they are interesting)
I have to say, the series "Prison Break" like crazy :)))

3. John Dillinger

Probably most of you have seen the movie Public Enemies, in which very detailed biography of one of the most famous criminals - John Dillinger. Incredible trick, combined with self-confidence, help this man to win enormous popularity. It was almost more popular movie stars of the time.

Dillinger became famous bank robberies, and the number of successful robberies reached a few dozen. He escaped from prison twice, and ran most incredible way, from such places from which escape something impossible in principle.

The most famous of his escape is the escape from the "shoot-protected" places - penitentiary Kraunt Point, Indiana. It is already difficult to reconstruct the course of events which had grown considerably with all sorts of myths and legends. The most interesting legend says that Dillinger put in a cage, tied his hands and feet, and his three guards guarded day and night. But after a couple of weeks this elusive Guddini underworld was free.

In fact, Dillinger escaped by threatening to guard the wooden gun, painted ordinary shoe polish. He was able to get a security guard to open the cell door, then took hostages gathered prison guards locked them into prison cells, and was gone!

As you can see, the truth is as bright and colorful as the legend.

2. Pascal Payet - escape by helicopter

You may think that in the 30s of the last century prisons were not as guarded as they are now, and escape was easier than today. However, the reality shows otherwise. Take, for example, the most famous escape in a helicopter, carried robber Pascal Payet.

This man was arrested in Paris in January 1999, and awaiting trial, he was in an impregnable prison department of Bouches-du-Rhône. In general, he had to wait a long time, for two years, but compared to life imprisonment - it is not a term, agree. Now, two years later, in October 2001 (it produced even less than two years), over the prison courtyard floating helicopter at the helm of which was an accomplice Payet. A few minutes later Payet and another prisoner climbed into the helicopter, which is headed for freedom.

For six years, he was elusive, and during that time Payet even freed his friends, and was again used a helicopter.

In general, after a while Payet still caught in 2005 he went to jail. But the thing - in 2007 it was released again and again appeared in a helicopter! On the escape it took only five minutes of time ... All is good, but just three months Payet again caught and imprisoned for so he is unlikely to get. The location of this offender is carefully concealed, so that associates will be difficult to organize the next escape. But who knows, who knows ...

1. Julien Shatord - escape that no one noticed

In fact, the prisoner escaped from prison so that his disappearance was not immediately noticed. But let's start from the beginning: Shatord was sentenced to seven years in prison for a couple of arson.

He arrived with the other prisoners in a London prison, and almost immediately ran away. The method is very interesting - at a time when the prisoners out of the van, Shatordu managed to escape, and then he crawled under the bottom as a foothold there. The truck went out of the prison, and Shatord without any problems was free.

Only seven hours jailers looking through the video from surveillance cameras, they saw a strange shadow under the truck. The most interesting thing in all this is that Shatord three days later he returned to the police station. It would be interesting to know - whether the sitting resourceful people still?


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