Why is the autumn crop of raspberries

Many leave this laborious occupation until the spring. And it's not that spring and without raspberry problems. Just shoots of the current year will receive less light and nutrition, and in older, otplodonosivshih winter quite successfully the mass of pests.

In order to better understand the need fall pruning, you need to know how the autonomic nervous system of this shrub. The roots of the raspberry are perennial, they can develop 20, 30 and even 40 years. But top, overhead — two years. That is, in the first year there is escape, it grows from the root, throughout the year he grows up and gets stronger. In the second year, this escape gives fruit, berries-raspberries. And the quality of these berries, and the amount depends on how much strength was gained escape in the first year of life.

The third year of life, the escape is a semi-dry twig, can sometimes grow a few brushes, but the berries will be very small. And forces him Bush will spend the same as in the other appendages, and shading it will be sagomate raspberry.

How to trim your raspberries in the fall

Pruning should begin immediately after harvested the entire crop of berries. Then by the fall of all shoots of the current year will have time to gain strength and have a good winter.

When pruning autumn raspberries do not spare the old and sick shoots. The young leave as much as removed otplodonosivshih.

To identify an older shoots are not difficult, they bark hard, dark color or starts to flake. Young shoots have a brown bark, of which you need to choose the strongest, no damage to the barrel.

To make it easier, do the pruning in stages:

— First cut just otplodonosivshih shoots.

— Next, remove broken and infected with pests.

— Then remove all the young shoots and the thin appendages.

— Last but not least, when in the Bush will be only the young shoots, select from them the strongest, 6-8 pieces, remove the rest.

— If you are going to transplant the raspberries, then leave the material for this immediately cut podkopat cuttings or offshoots.

The autumn crop of raspberries remontant and conventional

Pruning everbearing varieties is different and depends on how many crops you want to harvest next year. Two crops will give the bushes trimmed as normal (see above). If you want to get one big autumn harvest, then cut the bushes completely.

Need trimming properly, cut off the shoots with sharp secateurs and at the very root, on a level with the soil. If you leave stumps, then they will settle the insects or they may rot. And the goal of proper care — healthy plants.

Immediately after pruning, remove all branches and leaves, it is better to burn, again, due to pests. It is advisable to dig the ground around the bushes and make fertilizer.

When all work will be performed, you will only have to prepare raspberries for winter and wait for the next harvest.published


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