How to plant raspberries in the fall

As you know, autumn is perhaps the most favorable season for planting many trees and shrubs. And raspberry is no exception, because the autumn days are experienced growers trying to pay her more attention, so next year have a good harvest of your favorite berries. While many are wondering when to plant raspberries in the fall, so that she has time to take root and responded well to the winter.When to plant raspberries in the fall

The timing of planting raspberries in autumn vary depending on the climatic characteristics of the region and the specific variety. So, in the spring it is best to plant green seedlings in summer, and seedlings grown in containers. Autumn transplanting raspberry exercise after it will ripen. The main indicator of readiness of the raspberry planting to a new location are the replacement buds, which by the end of the season develop at the root collar of the plant. In the earlier grades they are viewed by the middle of September and late — October. To complete the work of planting and transplanting plants, it is necessary not less than 20 days before frost, so the sprouts have time to take root.

The selection of a site for raspberry bushes and preparing the soil

Raspberry is a heat — loving shrub, because to land it is better to select the areas of the solar, protected from the wind. It is undesirable to plant raspberries next to potatoes, tomatoes, strawberries and fruit trees, as they suffer from the same diseases and pests. More suitable areas where previously grown vegetables, gooseberries and currants. The plant grows best in haroldweinberg light loamy fertile soils. But sandy loam and sandy soils will need to regularly fertilize and water.

Gardeners know that proper planting raspberries in the fall requires a thorough preparation of the soil. Usually a month and a half prior to planting crops the selected area is cleaned from perennial weeds and dug over. When digging and preparation of pits or trenches plot fertilize. On 1 square meter make 10-30 kg of humus or compost, about 50 g of potassium sulfate and 60-80g of superphosphates. Peat soil enriched with sand (4 buckets for 1 sq. m).

Planting material

To understand how to plant raspberries in the fall, you need to know and what to plant, and more specifically, a landing material will be more productive. Usually, experts talking about fall planting raspberries, it is recommended to choose for this large and expensive bushes with a dozen shoots, and medium-sized and even thin saplings that have no more than three ripe stalks and well-developed fibrous root system. Before planting, cut them to the length of the seedling did not exceed 35 cm.

Methods of planting raspberries

Often, when site preparation growers immediately and determine how to plant raspberries in the fall, but rather which planting method to use trench or pit.

1. Trench planting method
For seedlings, harvest the trench depth of 40-45 cm and a width of 50-60 cm, the Plants are placed in the trench at a distance of about 40 cm, and the interval between furrows is 1.5 m. Already during the preparation of the furrow in it and make fertilizer. In the presence of fertile top soil the trench is filled with them instead of fertilizer, and just landing, you can add another, and ash. However, to apply it to be careful, so that the ground was not high content of alkali. When planting it is impossible to use nitrogen fertilizers, because they can have a negative impact on the development and wintering of the plant.

At the time of planting roots dipped in solution on the basis of mullein with clay, is lowered into the furrow and gently sprinkle the soil occasionally shaking the sprouts, so the ground was evenly covered roots. Further, plants require well-watered, and the soil around them is compacted and mulched.

Many believe that proper planting raspberries in the fall trenching involves a specific location of the furrows, which should be directed from North-East to South-West or from North to South. This will help in the morning and forenoon watches to open more access to Sochi for sunlight.

2. Patching, or cluster planting method
However, planting everbearing raspberries in the fall is considered more efficient if it is to carry out patching, or Kustov, way. As trenches, pits, harvest in advance. Usually they make up to 60 cm in diameter and a depth of 40 cm Aisle usually leave at least 1.5 meters, and the distance between the bushes is 0,7 — 1 m. the Bottom of pits filled with fertilizer or topsoil layer of the soil, which is loosened when planting. Planted carefully with soil, abundant watering and mulching.

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When to transplant raspberries in the fall
Often thinking of when to plant raspberries in the fall, gardeners in parallel are wondering about moving some of the bushes. Transplant raspberries is in the same terms, and planting of seedlings. Importantly, pre-select young strong bushes with well-developed roots and trim them at the level meter from the roots. Simultaneously with the transfer of raspberries in the fall, you can harvest and root cuttings, the propagation method which was described earlier.

Install a trellis
Along with recommendations on how to plant raspberries in the fall, are often advised to make a garter raspberry after landing. In particular, when trench method of planting shoots tied up on trellises principle. In this case, bushes are planted at 70-cm distance, placing in the hole on two of the seedlings, and the aisles make up to 1.8 m, to raspberry well was illuminated by the sun.

Along edges and score columns, between which at a height of 1 m is stretched a cord or galvanized wire with a diameter of at least 4 mm. If the series are long, it is recommended to install several additional columns. To a stretched wire tightly tie the shoots of raspberries on a 10-centimeter distance from each other. Next year's stretched two wire at the height of 0.3 and 1.5 m. the Lower layer is required to bind the young offspring, weighed down for the winter, and the top will be useful for trellising taller shoots. The design of the columns with wire and tied her on the stems of raspberry and is called a trellis. This technique helps to compactly place the bushes and make them uniform light.

With the right approach to planting raspberries in the fall next year harvested a good crop. It remains only to protect young seedlings from cold and excessive moisture, cover the root system of fallen leaves, and shoots as polyethylene, stretched on a frame.



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