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Moscow, unlike European cities, not only mega-one million (by comparison, Paris has only 2 million people).
Moscow and the locality in which it is difficult to find a family shop; a Cup of coffee in a bakery where everyone knows your name.

Very often the "Crossroads", "Chocolate girl", "IKEA", who don't care about your "I". They're doing one thing — accumulating and control the flow of resources from the Unallocated buyer. Remember at least one brick and mortar store in your area. With rare exceptions, they simply do not. Dozhilis, pancakes, and those, now do not knead, and bake dough that is ready stored for six months in polyethylene. What we archaic manual labor. Long live, mechanizirovannaya time!

Now let us turn the gaze to America-Europe. Tell me why heart warm when on the street, standing in a row showcases family-restaurants-shops? You come and you go with a smile, a week to recognize her. Particularly touching places in which the dynasties changed. Then I bitterly realize that Russia is not this: our small business was killed yesterday and years 100.

20 million babies-businesses create more than half of turnover for the EU. In the United States 99.7% of all employers in the country — businesses small and mediocre hands. Small manufacturing/production cherished, protected from networkers of God's judgment of officials, and the tax is not committing atrocities.
Where human relationship — a business with a human face:


2. Normandy. Baby-shop "Metamorphosis". Belongs to a middle-aged couple of Ronsard — Jean-Luc and Sylvie.

3. Opened the store in 2009. Prior to this, the man was a physiotherapist.

4. As wire and mousetraps to build a lamp? Knows a lot about that old Jean-Luc.

5. All crafts in this store warm your soul — natural, authentic.

6. Will not find here plastic: only a noble metal and wood.

7. Every thing has lived their, often considerable, history.

8. Be Normadie, come and see me at the following address: "Metamorphoses ", Jean-Luc Gonsard, 10 rue Ville Close, 61130 BELLEME


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