"The Shawshank Redemption". Irishman Morgan Freeman, small Robbins and others

Movie Title terribly disliked producers. The whole point of the word "Shawshank." It was unpronounceable even for the actors that are already talking about the memorability of the audience. Because the filmmakers discussed other options for the title: "Wall of Hope", "Conviction" and even "Hope dies last».

Take the lead role of Tim Robbins suggested another actor - Morgan Freeman. After a successful audition producers asked Freeman, with whom he wants to star in a pair, and were given a list of names. Morgan then poked the surname Robbins: "With this guy».

In Stephen King's novella "Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank of salvation" not prisoners watched the same movie in the film adaptation. If the characters in the film noir show "Gilda" with Rita Hayworth, the book mentions another picture - "The Lost Weekend." But Frank Darabont could not get the rights to use the passage, because was looking for other movies 40s, which would somehow come to the story.
Unlike many of the pictures, deleted scenes, "Shawshank Redemption" is not included in any one edition of the film. Darabont ashamed unsuccessful takes, because never gave the nod to the fact that these scenes viewers saw. Although excerpts from the cut material was shown in 1995 in one teledokumentalke and now walk on the web.

At the beginning of the movie characters drink beer from bottles with aluminum caps. It is a historical inaccuracy. At a time when there was this episode, such caps are not yet used. They launched the only decade later.

In the book, the main character, Andy is described as a man of low stature. Played as his actor Tim Robbins, on the contrary, a very tall man - 196 cm. But these are trifles compared with the other key character - Redom by Morgan Freeman. Anyone at all, according to the story of King, was white-skinned Irishman years 30-40.
While working on the film by Frank Darabont inspiring picture of Martin Scorsese's "Goodfellas." In particular, there are some ideas borrowed from the installation and use of voice-over.

The building of the old prison in Mansfield, Ohio, where they filmed on location "Shawshank Redemption", going to demolish before filming. But due to the fact that the place was chosen by filmmakers, the demolition was postponed for a year. In the end, all the buildings still destroyed, except for the administrative building and a single chamber - based on them later created the museum.

The famous picture in which Andy dug in the pouring rain from the earth, was the only one who can take in a movie. All other doubles that time were just poor quality due Rasfokus.

The scene in which Red throws a baseball, filmed nine hours, so much so that the actor Morgan Freeman was stretching his arms. The next day he came to the shooting with a bandage.

James Gandolfini could play Boggs, prison rapist and leader of "sisters", but declined due to the filming of "True Love».

The shooting of the actors are often passed nerves. All because of the requirements of the director to do a lot of takes, and not always Darabont explained that was not the case. During one of the days and Morgan Freeman psihanul firmly refused the other duplicates.
Tom Cruise is the casting for the role of Andy Dufresne and even rehearsed script, but refused to participate in the film due to the fact that the director was a debutant. Cruz was going to continue, if director "Shawshank Redemption" appointed Rob Reiner, who was going in at some point to sort the film project.

The scene in which Andy listens to opera records, appeared in the film because the director was listening to "The Marriage of Figaro" when he wrote the script. A moment when the hero makes the music louder, irritating jailers - is already finding actor Tim Robbins.

Robbins long refused to appear in a scene in the sewers. The fact that the water that was used during the shooting, the experts recognized the danger to health of toxic substances. But none of the filmmakers did not want to look for a new location, and the actors had to make concessions.

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