Interesting facts about beer (18 photos)

Before Friday's still far away, but I suggest you think about the Friday drink ...

There is a science concerned with the study of beer, including the technology of its production, the role played by the different ingredients in the brewing process and the compatibility of this drink with other products. This science is called "zitologiya».

The oldest known recipe - a recipe for beer. They were written on stone tablets in poetic form, and their age is estimated at 5000 years.

The oldest known advertising was found on a clay tablet with this text: "Drink beer Elba - beer with the heart of a lion!»

The first professional brewers were women.

The oldest (extant) incident related to excessive consumption of beer, occurred around 2000 BC in ancient Egypt, when one moved intoxicating drink charioteer kidnapped young priestess of the Temple of Vesta. Finish the job that the charioteer crucified on the doors of the tavern that sold him the beer, and not allowed to remove the body, until the birds pecked him all flesh.

The first attempt of the British brewers sell their Pale Ale India failed because of the long travel time to spoil the drink. To solve this problem, manufacturers have increased the alcohol content and hops. So a new popular variety - «India Pale Ale» (India Pale Ale)

Currently there are about 400 types of beer.

Sonoselikafobiya - fear of empty beer mug.

The most expensive beer called «Vielle Bon Secours». The bottle is $ 1,000, and try this drink can be in only one place - in a London bar «Bierdrome».

The Incas were preparing the beer, which was part of the human saliva. Girls 8-10 years chewed corn grains to form a slurry, which is then spits in large tanks with warm water and leave for a few weeks. Thereafter, the fermented liquid is filtered. A similar technology is used in Latin America these days for making home brew called "Chicha».

The oldest of the existing brewing companies in the world - "Weihenstephan". It was founded in 1040 and is located in the monastery of St. Stephen near Munich (Germany).

In the beer contains almost all the minerals necessary for life. In the Middle Ages, when the normal food was not always available, European doctors recommended it as a product that allows you to survive. Beer was given even to children.

A study by the "New England Journal of Medicine" (USA) showed that moderate beer (!) Amounts can improve cognitive ability in women.

Beer prevents the formation of kidney stones. According to the study, whose results were published in the "American Journal of Epidemiology", consumption of one bottle a day reduces the risk by 40 percent.

Beer helps to strengthen bone tissue. According to the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition", the ability to raise beer bone density due to the fact that this drink is rich in mineral silicon.

In ancient Peru, the preparation of beer to trust only the most beautiful women from noble families.

The largest number of drunk beer per person accounts in the Czech Republic.


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