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Our ancestors used hops since ancient times. It was made kvass, sourdough bread and of course beer. This unpretentious plant has no special requirements and growing fast, so our ancestors it was the custom to shower the newlyweds hop cones. This action they wanted them to be as strong, healthy and prolific as hops. In addition, people believed that hops protects from the evil eye (it poured hop cones in shoes), he dispels the fears, doubts, and dark thoughts.

And medicinal properties hops have found application in folk medicine. This is mainly used hop cones.


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How to harvest and saveHarvest them from mid-August to early September in dry and clear weather for a few days before full maturity, when they are still greenish-yellow (bright green cones testifies to their immaturity, yellow-brown — over-ripeness) and during touch with them begins to crumble lupulin — glands stems of hops.


Hops are dried in the shade, on a bed of paper or cloth, away from drafts. In no case do not hang hops in bunches like other herbs, otherwise you will crumble and disappearthe most valuable of the raw materials lupulin that remains after drying on a Mat in the form of Golden powder. It can be stored in banks and take 0.25 g for 40-60 min. before meals — it acts as a cholagogue and stomachic, and if you take an hour after food as a sedative.

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Hop cones have long been used for neurosis, insomnia, gastritis, cystitis, urethritis, kidney, liver, gall bladder, and also as a means of strengthening the cardiovascular system, especially with a weak myocardium.

Apply them when headache, dizziness, pulmonary tuberculosis, metabolic disorders, intestinal disorders, influenza, palsy, gout, rheumatism, nephritis etc. the Infusion of hop cones will help with Trichomonas colpitis and vaginitis.

"Drunken" recipes to help peopleLaryngitis 1-2 tbsp chopped hop cones, pour a glass of boiling water, to insist 30 minutes, to apply for gargling.

• Pounded into a powder hop cones take 0.5 teaspoon three times a day before meals in neuroses of the heart.

• Alcohol tincture: half bottle to fill the hop cones, pour the brim with vodka. Leave to infuse for 2-3 weeks. Make a day for 5-10 drops to 1 tbsp of water and at night for 10-15 drops.Acts as a sedative and analgesic; recommended for nervousness and neuralgia. A dose increase should not be, or may be malaise and headache.

• Also for insomnia folk medicine recommends to sleep on a pillow filled with hop cones.

Varicose veins: 2 tablespoons of cones to fill in 0,5 l of boiling water, put in a water bath for 15 min, then insist 30-40 minutes, drain. Take 0.5 cups three times a day 30 minutes before eating.

Cystitis,diseases of the bladder and kidneys: 2 tsp fresh chopped hop cones, pour a glass of boiling water, to insist 2 hours, strain. Take of 0.25 Cup 2-3 times a day 20 minutes before eating.

 Allergy: 1 tablespoon of cones pour 1 Cup of boiling water, put in a boiling water bath for 15 minutes, then allow to cool and strain. Drink 0.25 cups three times a day before meals. At the same time washed with the same decoction places of skin rash, if allergic came out.

Hemorrhoids and cystitis 3 handfuls of hops, put in a bowl and cover with boiling water. First sit over the steam, by cooling the infusion to descend into the basin and sit until the water cools. The procedure to follow for the night. The course is 5-7 times.

Hair loss 1 tablespoon of cones pour a glass of boiling water and cook on low heat for 15-20 min the resulting broth rubbed into the roots of the hair 3-4 times a week.

• In the form of baths the hops used to soothe, skin rejuvenation and the attainment of mental equilibrium: 2 tablespoons of cones to fill in 0,5 l of boiled water, to insist 2 hours, strain, pour into the tub.

Eczema 1 tablespoon of hop cones pour 150 ml of boiling water, wrapped for about an hour, drain. Drink the infusion for the night. Separately prepare the same infusion, moisten in it a gauze and wipe the skin affected by eczema.

At a headache folk medicine recommends this remedy: take 1 tsp. of herb of sweet clover and hop cones, pour mixture 250 ml of boiling water, boil for 5 minutes, to insist 1 hour, drain. Take 0.25 cups three times a day before meals.

For painful menstruation, as well as to relieve increased sexual excitability use the powder of hop cones, 1 g three times a day.

Soothing tea of hop cones and Valerian: take 1 tsp. crushed dried hop cones and rhizomes of Valerian, put into the teapot, pour a glass of boiling water, insist 15 minutes, strain and drink as tea at night.

Oil of hops. Half-liter glass jar to fill with the crushed hop cones, pour the brim with olive oil. Jar place in a dark place for a week, shaking the contents daily. Strain the finished oil, leave it for another 3 days to stand. Most often, the hop oil is used for rubbing the female breast (for the development of the mammary glands).

The ointment of hop cones. 1 tablespoon powdered hop cones mixed with 1 tbsp fresh butter or unsalted lard. This ointment is used as anaesthetic rubbing the affected areas, with inflammation of joints, bruises, rheumatism etc.

• You can also cook the ointment of hop cones on the basis of vaseline, it helps with sciatica, bruises, abrasions and blisters. For cooking 1 tablespoon of cones pour 1 Cup of boiling water and cook on low heat until the volume is reduced by half. Then to 4 tbsp. of petroleum jelly, add 1 tbsp the resulting broth and ointment ready to use.

For aging skin mask useful, lotions and ointments infusion of hop cones.

Mask: 2 tbsp fresh crushed cones add 1 teaspoon of honey and 0.5 tbsp olive oil. The mixture apply on face for 10-15 minutes, rinse with decoction of hop cones.

Attention!Hops is contraindicated for pregnant women, lactating mothers and people with individual intolerance. In addition, it should be remembered that hops — a poisonous plant.In small doses it cures, but in overdose may cause nausea, headache, fatigue. In any case, before the application of the hops should consult with your doctor.published 

Author: Alex BALABA

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