The new Su-30cm for the Russian Air Force

According to official representatives of the Air Forces of Russia, entry into service of new Su-30cm significantly increase our combat power.

Let's get acquainted with this beautiful aircraft closer.

The contract for the supply of thirty Su-30cm in the period until 2015 was signed between the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and JSC "Corporation" Irkut "in March 2012.

December 5 crews ferried the Russian Air Force Su-two 30cm State Flight Test Center, located in the city of Astrakhan region Ahtubinsk.

According to officials from the Air Force, entry into service of modern double super-maneuverable Su-30cm significantly increase the combat power of the Russian Air Force.

The first flight was built by order of the Russian Air Force Su-30cm made on September 21 at the airport IAP


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