Optical illusion

Optical illusions - it is nothing like an optical illusion of the brain. After all, when we look at the picture, our eye sees one, and the brain at the same time starts to protest and claim that it does not. It turns out that our mind creates the illusion that begins to analyze the color, the position of the light source, the location of the edges or corners, etc. Because of this, and there is a correction of visual images.

Be careful! Some illusions can cause tearing, headache, and disorientation in space.

Chair invisible. The optical effect that creates the viewer a false idea of ​​the location of seats, due to the original design of the chair, invented by French studio Ibride.

Volume Rubik's Cube. Picture looks so realistic that there is no doubt that this is a real thing. Twisting a piece of paper, it is clear that this is just deliberately distorted.

It's not animation SIFCO. This is a common picture, all the elements which are absolutely still. It is your perception of you playing. Hold your eyes for a few seconds at one point, and the picture stops moving.

Look at the cross in the center. Peripheral vision turns into beautiful faces of monsters.


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